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The roofs of three stadiums under construction for the UEFA Euro 2008 football championship will sport Lexan Thermoclear sheets from <B>GE Plastics,</B> Pittsfield, Mass.

Compared to glass, Lexan Thermoclear sheets are significantly lighter in weight and reportedly have more than 250 times the impact resistance to reduce the risk of breakage from wind, hail, and other extreme weather. And unlike glass the sheets easily cold-form into many different shapes and configurations.

Special coatings and tints on the sheets improve aesthetics, weather resistance, light transmission, and ease of maintenance. Easy Clean versions feature a patented hydrophobic coating that self-cleans. Lexan Solar Control IR solid and multi-wall sheet grades reduce heat build-up by blocking near-infrared radiation. Thermoclear Plus options provide high stiffness and double-sided UV protection for sunny climates. And Thermoclear SunXP sheets give UV protection as standard on both sides, but have even higher UV resistance to radiation, yellowing, and loss of light transmission.

Beginning with its first application in a stadium in Split, Croatia in 1979, Lexan Thermoclear sheet has been selected for several Olympic arenas, including the Barcelona and Sydney facilities, as well as six stadiums that hosted the UEFA Euro 2004 football championship in Portugal. Currently, it is being used for the roofs of three stadiums for the UEFA Euro 2008 football championship: Wankdorf stadium in Bern, Switzerland, and Klagenfurt and Salzburg stadiums in Austria. The Wankdorf facility will feature 4,000 m2 of Lexan Thermoclear SunXP sheet, and the Austrian stadiums will be glazed with Lexan Thermoclear sheet.

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