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Lithium AA cell puts out 4 V

A high-voltage, high-current lithium battery puts out 2 W-hr of energy at 4 V but fits in an AA-size cell.

Dubbed the TLM 1550 by its manufacturer (Tadiran, Port Washington, N.Y.,, it targets applications in military/aerospace, automatic external defibrillators, wireless sensors, and other remote devices. It handles pulses to 15 A and a 5-A maximum continuous load. Self-discharge rate is less than 3% per year at room temperature and the battery operates over 40 to 85°C. It incorporates a glass-tometal hermetic seal rather than a crimped elastomer gasket and can ship as nonhazardous cargo. Its solvents are nontoxic and nonpressurized and its anode material is less reactive than that in other lithium cells. Tadiran says the battery has performed well in safety tests including nail penetration, crush tests, high temperature chambers, short circuit, and charge tests.

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