Machine Design

Looking ahead to SAE 2009

The SAE 2009 World Congress has continued to take shape since Machine Design went to press with a show preview March 19, 2009. Notably, SAE announced that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will address the Congress during opening ceremonies April 20 at 8am.

Plasmatreat North America, Mississauga, Ont., will showcase its 3rd-generation plasma generator–the FG 5001. The high-frequency plasma generator uses serial double resonance and digital processing to generate a controlled plasma stream with a constant-voltage power source. The company will also present a technical paper regarding the environmental benefits of plasma surface treatment.

The Scuderi Group, West Springfield, Mass., plans to unveil a proof-of-concept 1-liter prototype of its split-cycle engine design. The naturally aspirated gasoline prototype divides the four-stroke cycle of a standard engine over two paired cylinders: one intake/compression cylinder and one power/exhaust cylinder. The design is expected to produce up to 80% less toxins while generating more torque than a typical internal combustion engine.

REM Surface Engineering, Southington, Conn., will exhibit the ISF gear-surface finishing process. The finish, said to improve gear- mesh efficiency, now supports high-volume gear production including just-in-time manufacturing environments and automation.

For more information, a schedule of events, and exhibitor listings, visit the SAE 2009 World Congress show page.

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