Machine Design

Looking Back 1/08/2009

10 YEARS AGO — JANUARY 14, 1999 Hinge fits in tight spots: The Weld-On Hinge, from H.A. Guden Co. Inc., Ronkonkoma, N.Y., eliminates the need for fasteners and leaves, making it especially useful in tight-fitting situations where traditional hinges would be cumbersome. It can replace continuous, butt, or slip hinges in many applications, including tractor cabs and trailers. Hinges are available in 12 sizes, from 1.56 to 19 in., in steel or aluminum with a steel or brass pin. Hinges can also be customized to meet unique specifications.

30 YEARS AGO — JANUARY 11, 1979 Big machinable glass-ceramic slabs cast: Corning Glass Works has produced large pieces of its Macor machinable glass ceramic. Slabs as large as 26 × 13 × 2.5 in. have been cast so far. The large pieces, like previously available rods, bars, and sheets, can be machined to tolerances of 0.001 in. using ordinary high-speed cutting tools. The material has the properties of a technical ceramic except that it is easily machined.

50 YEARS AGO — JANUARY 8, 1959 Welding positioner lies down on the job: A positioner developed by General Electric Co. eliminates vertical and overhead loads and speeds fabrication of 6-ton transformer tanks. The jig consists of an L-shaped frame with a turntable, which traverses in and out on the short leg. A 3-hp motor rotates the frame through a 90° arc to lay tanks on their sides. Components for assembly are hoisted aboard by a jib crane. Simplified welding operations improve weld quality and eliminate the need for a battery of overhead cranes.

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