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Manual Press Thinks It’s an Automatic

A hand-operated press uses an electronic monitor to press-fit intricate assemblies as though it were a servo-operated press.

The Manual- Press 311 with PressControl 3000 from Schmidt Technology Corp., Cranberry Twp., Pa., combines process and electronic stroke controls to provide 100% verification, complete force and stroke monitoring, and SPC data logging.

The manual press generates from 100 to 2,700 lb of force through a programmable electronic-stroke lock and mechanical clutch. Operators program stroke criteria into the control such as whether to use a manual or preprogrammed stroke limit or if the operation needs a nominal press force. The press releases the ram and operating handle via a mechanical clutch once the preset limit is reached. The clutch interlock protects parts and force sensors and assures the operator completes the manual operation.

Schmidt Technology Corp.

A Poke-Yoke process lets the press use external sensors or custom tooling with built-in sensors to verify all parts are present and correctly positioned before the clutch engages and the ram released. A fine adjustment micrometer lets operators set the overall working height from 1.97 to 5.50 in.

The PressControl 3000 uses menu-driven software on a touch-screen display. Program parameters stored on a PC can be transferred to the control, though that does require optional datatransfer software. Other software creates documents for statistical process control by establishing real-time Cp and Cpk values that can be displayed numerically or graphed on the display. SPC and process documentation run in the background while evaluations and control adjustments are made from a central location.


The Schmidt ManualPress 311 uses an electronic control to monitor and regulate its operation, giving it features similar to a servocontrolled press.

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