“Moontopia”: The Future Life of Humans on the Moon

Feb. 10, 2017
The Moontopia contest asks architects and engineers “What will living on the Moon in the future look like?”

Eleven is an all-in-one architectural magazine or “archizine” that covers the latest news on architecture and the role that design plays to solve the world’s problems. This past year, the publication held its first ever competition on space architecture, called “Moontopia.” The contest asks how humans would construct and build on the moon. According to Eleven, “Whereas a few years ago the idea of humans actually exploring planets seemed like a mere dream, today talks of mankind becoming an interplanetary species is seen as a feasible proposition.”

Eleven , an all-in-one architectural magazine, reached out to students, architects, designers, scientists, and visionaries to propose ideas on how the first lunar colony would be constructed. Some ideas are more realistic, actually analyzing how we may live on the Moon, while others are creative fantasies of how the Moon can serve the human race. The top nine designs where chosen and announced this past month.

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