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Metallic enamels: Hottest new "dish" in the kitchen

Evolution coatings from Ferro Corp., Cleveland, OH, take metallic kitchen finishes to the next level of performance.

New Durability and resistance to heat, flames, staining, weather, and corrosion also make the coatings candidates for outdoor grills and exterior surfaces of designer cookware.

Unlike stainless steel, the enamel Evolution coatings provide an array of custom metallic colors. They also show no noticeable fingerprints, wont discolor from heat, and resist stains, scratches, and chemical cleaners. They also can be an economical alternative to stainless steel and copper for manufacturers facing higher metal prices. Evolution coatings give refrigerators, ranges, cook-tops, sinks, and plumbing ware the same lustrous, durable finish in either matching or contrasting hues.

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