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Machine Design

Metrology software

IK5000 2.96.2 is the latest version of Quadra-Chek metrology software providing for inspection-measurement machines. The software performs 2D and 3D measuring and offers 3D profiling that provides measurement and graphic evaluations of 3D contours using multisensor and tactile measuring machines. The option imports a 3D CAD file (either STEP or IGES) and compares it with the actual part.

An Auto Focus option lets the search distance be directly entered into the search-distance field. Part-programming improvements support compensation for thermal behavior of products that experience a shrinkage or growth of material during manufacturing. This lets users write a single inspection program for measuring parts with materials having a known growth or shrink rate.

Improvements to radial and palletize methods of automatic partprogramming routines help users when there are common features or parts that repeat angularly, around a datum, or based on a palletized grid layout. A new palletize grid functionality lets users graphically select which parts in the grid are required for measurement, and only run the program in those locations.

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