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The E8T miniature encoder will be showcased at US Digital39s booth at the MDampMATX West Show

The E8T miniature encoder will be showcased at US Digital's booth at the MD&M/ATX West Show.

Minature Optical Encoder Targets Medical Apps

Motion-control product manufacturer, US Digital announces its new E8T miniature optical encoder, which offers nine resolutions up to 720 counts per revolution (CPR). Featuring a small form factor, the E8T targets medical and space-sensitive applications that require reliable position and velocity feedback to a motor. It fits motors as small as National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) size 11, and reduces package height by more than 40% compared to other commercially available solutions. 

The design features proprietary OPTO-ASIC technology to support up to 2,880 pulses per revolution. The E8T is available in over 3,240 different configurations and features either single-ended or differential signal outputs. With a simple and secure push-on hub disk design and a high-retention connector for quick and reliable installation, it keeps assembly cost and complexity to a minimum.

The encoder can also be used for NEMA 14 and 17 motors. It has a 100-kilohertz frequency response and can be used as a replacement to US Digital’s E7P and E8P encoders. Sample and production quantities are now available. 

“Whether its portable technology or diagnostic equipment destined for the laboratory floor, today’s medical applications face increasing pressure to become smaller and lighter without compromising functionality,” said Donna Peterson, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at US Digital. “The E8T’s small, low profile package and available resolutions make it uniquely positioned to help address these requirements while delivering excellent value and reliability relative to alternative motion control solutions.” 

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