Machine Design

More technology for war on terror

The Multi-IMS analyzer detects, identifies, and measures a variety of chemical-warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals/materials.

From Draeger Safety Inc., Pittsburgh, the analyzer's sensor technology is based on the open-loop Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) for improved sensitivity and selectivity.

The open-loop design does not require routine replacement of molecular sieve packs, making it more cost effective, and the ionization source does not need a wipe test, making it a nearly maintenance-free device.

A large LCD provides a bar-graph scale, identification of the agent, and alarm indications. Large, pictorial icons show whether the substance is a chemical-warfare agent or toxic industrial chemical. The icon is accompanied by a threat scale of low, medium, or high, and shows the relative dosage measurement. The unit sits in a polymer housing and meets military specifications for vibration, shock, and EMI. It performs an automatic self-test every time it's turned on and an internal data logger records all measurements for documentation purposes.


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