Machine Design

Multiaxis motion-control card sports modular design

The PCI-8154 four-axis pulse-train motion-control card from Adlink Technology Inc., ( Irvine, Calif., works with steppers, servos, and linear motors.

The card delivers high-frequency pulses at rates to 6.55 MHz. It incorporates a hardware-controlled emergency stop, protection against il legal copying of custom software, and a card index switch to support multiple PCI-8154 cards in a single system.

The PCI-8154 works with Mitsubishi, Panasonic, and Yaskawa servos and steppers. It uses both linear and circular interpolation for smooth motion control. The card has 13 homing modes, backlash compensation for better accuracy, and it simultaneously starts and stops multiple axes in single or multicard configurations.

The modular design supports extension boards for distributed I/O control; high-speed triggering for output frequencies to 2 MHz; and ECAM control. An on-board SDRAM stores compare points for high-rate line-scan applications.

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