Machine Design

New Engineering Textbooks

Springer Handbook of Mechanical Engineering

The Springer Handbook of Mechanical Engineering targets practicing engineers and students. Authors from all over the world contributed chapters on today’s mechanical-engineering problems. The book covers the fundamentals of mechanical engineering and applications in the field. Publisher is Springer Science+Business Media. More info:

Model-Based Predictive Control: A Practical Approach
This book takes a nontheoretical approach to model-based predictive control. It describes recent developments in the field and expands on topics not readily found in other books, including connections to optimal control and stability, the closed-loop paradigm, robust design in MPC, MPC using little computational power, and implicit modelling for predictive control. The softcover book also covers issues in MPC prediction and identification, stability analysis, and constraint handling and feasibility. Boxes throughout the book help summarize key results for those who wish to skip detailed explanations. Available from ISA. More info:

Design for Environmental Sustainability
Design for Environmental Sustainability provides a comprehensive framework and practical tool to support the design process. The book talks about methodologies, tools, and strategies for injecting environmental requirements into product development. Also covered are strategies and design guidelines, accompanied by a large selection of environmentally aware case studies. More info:

Variable Speed Drives: Principles and Applications for Energy Cost Savings, 3rd Edition
Many applications of variable-speed drives fall in the cracks between traditional engineering disciplines. This new edition of a venerable classic teaches practicing engineers about the technical and economic potential of this technology. The 204-page softcover book presents the electrical, hydraulic, chemical, and instrumentation information necessary to technically evaluate and economically justify variable-speed drives. Available from ISA. More info:

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