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Machine Design

Not just a run-of-the-mill program

DP Technology, Camarillo, Calif., is now shipping ESPRIT 2001 with a component called SolidTurn Production. This addition lets the program support all styles of millturn machines and Swiss-style lathes, and programming for tooling, turret, and spindle configurations. Its highlights include a complete suite of tooling and machining cycles, cycle synchronization and G-code programming, as well as a 3D simulator to render analyses of spindles, turrets, and tooling.

The program uses an ANSI/ISO coded tooling library for regular turning tools, inserts, and holders. Users can draw custom tools in any CAD system or within ESPRIT, and then import them into the tooling library. A complete library of mill cutting tools is also available for power tooling C three-axis and Y four-axis mill-turn operations.

By defining the number and configurations of spindles and turrets, it can calculate accurate time studies and generate a G-code program based on the physical capabilities of a machine. A bar chart displaying total cycle time and individual cycle times for each operation can also be arranged by turret, spindle, and head. Adding "Sync" and "Wait" codes synchronizes the machining cycles and fixes the G-code. The bar chart will immediately update cycle times, while users can edit canned cycles, cutting tools, and synchronization codes.

Simulating machine movements, such as tail-stock operations, bar feeds, and part exchanges, tests G-code for accuracy before actual machining begins The program supports machining cycles for C and Y-axis mill-turn, multispindle or multiturret turning, roughing, grooving, threading, backworking, and Swiss-style operations. Advanced material-handling cycles, such as part handling and cutoff, are also included.

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