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Permanent waterproof packaging

HzO Inc. shows off their WaterBlock technology on a cell phone.2013 will mark the year you dropped your phone in the toilet and it still worked.

Draper, Utah-based HzO Inc. has developed a nonhazardous, organic product called WaterBlock that deploys inside a gadget to form a protective chemical sealant around the electronics.

WaterBlock is released as a gas into the device during assembly. The molecules layer themselves on top of the electronics within, creating a waterproof bonding. The product is said to last the life of a phone.

HzO has production systems that allow the application of its coatings in high volume manufacturing environments. The WaterBlock coating is applied through a vacuum deposition process. An uncoated device is situated in a sealed chamber from which all gaseous particles are evacuated at ambient temperature. An organic gas is then introduced into the chamber and the gas molecules deposit onto the device, building a solid, thin film. The thickness of the film is controlled by chemistry, time, pressure, and temperature.

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