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Knipex pliers are available in a variety of styles including slipresistant plastic coated, comfort grip, and insulated-comfort grip handle styles. Made from high-grade tool steel with polished edges, the pliers feature a slim head for greater accessibility in tight or hard-to-reach areas.

Combination pliers provide the basic functions of gripping and cutting. The induction-hardened edges cut wire, nails, and smaller cables; serrated gripping jaws hold flat parts and small tools tightly.

Snipe-nose (needle-nose) and electronics-gripping pliers are for finer gripping and manipulating. Designed with pointed, half-round jaws and serrated gripping edges, the pliers have cutting edges for soft, medium-hard, and hard wire.

Cutting pliers and shears have also been added to the line. The pliers feature hardened precision cutting edges and are suited for electronics, cutting plastics, bolts, and cables.

Available crimpers include plug connector pliers with threaded holes for cutting copper and brass screws, and ferrule crimpers with nine deep troughs and conical side faces. The pliers are suitable for crimping insulated and noninsulated terminals. Circlip pliers with nonslip solid tips for installing and removing retaining rings are also available.

Water pump pliers, available in several styles, provide variable adjustment of gripping capacity and work on bolts, pipe fittings, nuts, and more.

Wire stripping pliers for gripping, bending, and cutting soft, medium, and hard wire, as well as cable and data cable stripping tools are also available.

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