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Pointwise CFD meshing software

Pointwise Version 16.04 CFD meshing software comes with a range of new tools. For example, a proprietary surface-meshing algorithm first developed for Pointwise’s Gridgen software is now available in Pointwise. Additionally, a new tool lets uses move individual grid points. The new release also includes annotation entities, printing to PNG, TIFF, and BMP files, and 11 new or updated CAE software interfaces. The company’s Gridgen and Pointwise software generates structured, unstructured, and hybrid meshes and interfaces with CFD solvers such as Ansys Fluent, Star-CD, Ansys CFX and OpenFoam, as well as many neutral formats such as CGNS. The software runs on Windows, Linux, Mac, and Unix, and includes scripting languages to automate CFD meshing.
Pointwise Inc., 213 S. Jennings Ave., Fort Worth, Texas 76104, (817) 377-2807,

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