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Polymer keeps water out and circuits safe

RedHat Next Generation solenoid valves from Asco Valve Inc., get a big assist from Zenite 6130 LCP that lets them survive harsh conditions.

Ascos RedHat Next Generation valves are Class I, Div. 2 certified and meet NEMA Types 1 through 4X requirements for water and dust-tight applications. The Zenite LCP encapsulated solenoid withstands thermal shocks and −40 to 200°C temperatures. The low consumption valves run on ac or dc power and reportedly need only 2 W to deliver the same performance as a typical 17-W ac solenoid.

Zenite liquid crystal polymer, from DuPont, replaces a thermoset epoxy for encapsulating the valve solenoid. The injection-moldable LCP is also used for the valves internal coil bobbin. DuPont helped Asco determine that the 30% glass-reinforced LCP, with a UL94 V-0 flammability classification, was the best candidate. The LCP is dimensionally stable and resists thermal cracks. These are key properties that help ensure valves in air compressors, fire pumps, gas generators, and other equipment withstand aggressive chemicals or splashing, seeping, falling or hose-directed water and severe condensation that can often wreak havoc on electronics, says Nick Buccher, Asco vice president of marketing.

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