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Prewired motor plug speeds service and repair

Meltric Corp.

A new motor connector lets qualified employees connect or disconnect motors, pumps, generators, and other electrical equipment quickly and safely by simply plugging them in. Meltric Decontactor connectors from Meltric Corp., Franklin, Wis., consists of prewired, switch-rated combination plug/receptacle devices that are UL approved for disconnect switching.

Replacing electric motors has always involved deenergizing power circuits and tagging and locking out the branch to prevent accidental reapplication of power. This means technicians must open the motor service box to expose the motor power leads and disconnect the associated wiring. Then, once replaced, the new motor must be connected to the electrical service and power restored through proper procedures to remove the tag/lockout. All these steps add to the maintenance time.

The plug-and-play Decontactor features a dead front, an enclosed arc chamber, and a switching function that ensures live electrical contacts are safely deenergized before the technician withdraws the plug from the receptacle. Once withdrawn, the plug visual verifies that power is shutdown, eliminating the need for voltage testing. Maintenance work can then proceed without any need for hard field rewiring. This cuts motor change-out times by up to 50%.

Plugs are switch rated up to 200 A and 60 hp, and carry a NFPA 70E hazard risk rating of zero, eliminating the need for technicians to don protective gear during service. Typical uses include installation on wastewater, manufacturing, mining, food processing, and power generation equipment.

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