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Product Blitz: Stay on Top of Innovations

April 22, 2020
AutomationDirect, Keystone, ABB and more.

During this time of challenge for our nation and our manufacturing sector, the business of developing new production systems continues. To help that process move forward, Machine Design is putting together a weekly compilation of new products to keep innovation at the top of mind for our end-users, our OEMs and integrators, and our supply community.

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Extension Wire and Cable

Extension cable for both Type K and Type J thermocouples is available with either an overall shield (OS) or with individually shielded pairs with an overall shield (SPOS). These cables allow the connection of multiple field sensors to operating instrumentation or PLC input cards with one run versus having to install multiple extension wires. The 20AWG thermocouple extension cable is available in two, four and eight twisted pairs. Alphanumeric print on the twisted pairs makes identifying the pairs for installation and troubleshooting easy. 


Thermocouple Sensor 

The easy-to-install SMTS-TC surface mount threaded stud thermocouple sensor delivers high-performance temperature measurements, reliably and consistently. Designed for research and development, testing applications, manufacturing engineering and production environments, the SMTS-TC surface mount threaded stud thermocouple sensor has a stainless-steel fitting that can be threaded into an #8-32 tapped hole, and can be customized for OEM applications as well. It is available with types E, J, K or T thermocouples and has a temperature range of −50 to 500°F (−45 to 260°C), an accuracy greater of ±0.4% of reading or ±1.1°C (Special Limits of Error) and a 316 stainless-steel hex fitting for durability.            

Harold G Schaevitz Industries


The AXUV576C is a large square photodiode with a 576.5 mm² active area that is specially designed for electron and radiation detection. The new device is part of Opto Diode’s family of radiation detectors and offers electron detection to 200 eV. The square active area is configured on a round 4-pin package, with two anode pins and two cathode pins for added connection versatility. Features include reverse breakdown voltage of 5 volts; capacitance is 5 nF (typical) to 15 nF (max), with a maximum rise time of 50 microseconds. Storage and operating temperatures range from −10°C to +40°C (ambient) and from −20°C to +80°C in nitrogen or vacuum environments. The lead soldering temperature is 260°C. 

Opto Diode Corporation

 IIoT Solution Platform

Netilion is an IIoT ecosystem combining digital services and system components to improve the lifecycle and asset management, maintenance and support of instruments and analyzers. 

Netilion enables users to keep track of their installed base, documentation and data management, and instruments’ performance and health status. Netilion Scanner is a free smartphone app that guides the user in capturing field instrument asset data, while utilizing QR code or RFID tag. It can store images and instrument location and accessibility. Critical and quality-relevant information can also be saved, associated with the instrument tag. These digital services can be used separately or in concert to improve the management, maintenance and support of instrumentation systems—regardless of instrument or analyzer type or vendor. 

Endress & Hauser

Battery Retainers

A new series of SMT and THM, low-profile, coin cell battery retainers designed for high shock and vibration applications are engineered with a locking flange. The devices firmly secure batteries within the retainers, while ensuring low contact resistance. The low-profile design makes these rugged and lightweight retainers ideal for handheld products and severe shock applications. Manufactured from phosphor bronze with the polarity clearly marked, these coin cell retainers accept 1220, 1632 and 2032 cells from all major manufacturers.  These holders are nickel-plated for durability, low-contact resistance and high-temperature soldering.

 Keystone Electronics Corp.

Robotic Programming

Wizard easy programming is a graphical programming method designed to enable users to quickly create robot application programs for ABB’s single-arm YuMi collaborative robot, without the need for specialized training. This programming software is built on the concept of Blockly, an open-source visual coding method that presents programming language or code as interlocking blocks. By using this simplified approach Wizard allows users to program and use the Single-Arm YuMi robot without prior knowledge of any robot programming language.


Ethernet Cables

Two highly flexible Ethernet cables have been designed for use in energy chains in North American markets. The cables, CFBUS.045 and CFBUS.049, are ideal for the implementation of Industry 4.0 in automation. The cables have UL certification for North American markets and received the certificate for CC-Link IE protocols for the Asiatic region. The CC-Link IE controller network has been designed for the rapid exchange of large amounts of data in a factory or production plant, whereas the CC-Link IE field network has been optimized for connection of a wide range of devices and their connection to other existing networks such as the standard CC-Link.


Cabinet Cooler

The Dual 316 Stainless Steel Cabinet Cooler Systems with ETC (Electronic Temperature Control) keep electrical enclosures cool with 20°F (−7°C) air while maintaining the NEMA 4X rating of the enclosure and removing the heat that could adversely affect the internal components. The wear, corrosion and oxidation resistance of Type 316 stainless steel assures long life and maintenance-free operation within food, medical, pharmaceutical, chemical and other harsh environments.  Cooling capacities up to 5,600 Btu/hr. are ideal for larger enclosures and heat loads. Dual 316 Stainless Steel Cabinet Coolers are available with cooling capacities of 3,400 up to 5,600 Btu/hr. All Cabinet Cooler systems are UL listed and CE compliant. Applications include cooling control panels used in food processing, pharmaceutical, foundries, chemical processing and other corrosive locations.


Direct Drives

The MCR-T radial piston motor in frame size 8 represents the latest development in direct drive CTL track motor technology and, by utilizing the next generation of rotary group design, delivers a step change in power density and durability. The new rotary group design offers up to 55% increase in maximum torque, enhanced durability and a 20% increase in flow capability compared with the existing and dimensionally similar frame size 6. The new design complements the MCR-T family, which is currently offered in frame sizes 5, 6 and 10. The compact dimensions, which are identical to MCR6T in all but a 10% increase in overall length, means that the motor is ideally suited for installation in compact loader tracks.

Bosch Rexroth

Power Transmission App

The Power Transmission (PT) app for iOS devices offers users one source for all bearings-related information needs. The PT mobile app features a registration module to allow users to register bearings and receive a 12-month extension of the company’s standard limited warranty. Once registered, users can utilize the app to schedule maintenance and enjoy an easy-to-use, low-cost asset management tool that is conveniently located in the palm of one’s hand. Other modules in the app allow users to access bearing product details and installation instructions to help with their daily course of work. A smart bearing interchange tool can be used to swap competitive designs to Regal bearings products. Additional features are included to help simplify daily tasks.

Regal Beloit

AC Servo Motors

The MELSERVO-J5 Series of AC servo motors, amplifiers and motion control units brings performance, re- liability, flexibility and efficiency to a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, packaging, printing, converting, material handling and more. New to the MELSERVO-J5 Series is the quick tuning function that allows users to quickly and reliably tune their servo mechanism in approximately 0.3 sec. The servo amplifier sets the speed loop gain and suppresses machine resonance through the servo on command. No tuning experience is required because gain values are automatically generated, reducing machine setup time and effort. Additional functions and features include an advanced vibration suppression function, multi axes servo amplifiers and expanded predictive maintenance capabilities.

Mitsubishi Electric

Gas Pressure Regulators

The Type 1227 and Type 1230 high flow gas pressure regulators are direct-operated, pressure-reducing regulators suitable for use with compressed air, natural gas or an assortment of other inert gases. These gas pressure regulators help maintain consistent inlet pressure to downstream equipment, allowing for the accurate control of distribution system pressures.

The Type 1227 is available with outlet ranges that span from 5 psi up to 150 psi and can be ordered with a variety of orifice sizes and materials providing application flexibility in the oil and gas industries. The Type 1230 Pressure Regulator utilizes a similar design to the Type 1227 but provides a much broader offering of output pressure ranges and valve disk materials.

ControlAir LLC

Thermoelectric Cooler

The UltraTEC UTX Series thermoelectric cooler offers a heat pumping capacity of up to 296 watts with a maximum temperature differential (Delta T) of 72°C. The UTX series is ideal for spot cooling applications with industrial lasers, laser projectors, medical diagnostic systems and analytical instrumentation. The UltraTEC UTX Series is assembled with advanced thermoelectric materials for higher heat pumping capacity and features a higher thermal insulating barrier when compared to standard materials. In tests, the cooler has measured up to 10% improvement in cooling capacity and more than 3°C in improved temperature differential.

Laird Thermal Systems

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