Beckhoff's C7015

Compact IPC Doubles As Machine Controller

Oct. 26, 2021
Beckhoff's C7015 is both cost-effective and versatile.

The C7015 ultra-compact IPC measures just 85 × 167 × 43 mm. It is cost-effective and universally suited to high-performance automation, visualization and communication purposes. The C7015 leverages Intel Atom multi-core processors with up to four cores. Compared to conventional ARM-based edge devices, it supports more demanding applications as well as decentralized data pre-processing and the acquisition of large data volumes.

The IP65/67-rated IPC also serves as a highly functional machine controller. Installing it directly in the field can save valuable electrical cabinet space. This reduces machine footprints significantly. The integrated EtherCAT P connection of the C7015 creates a range of new options for efficient sensor/actuator connection via the IP67-protected EPP modules.


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