The Baldor-Reliance  HydroCool XT motor

Water-Cooled Motor Touts Improved Energy Efficiency

Jan. 26, 2023
The Baldor-Reliance HydroCool XT motor is well-suited for tough environments.

The Baldor-Reliance HydroCool XT motor offers a combination of flexible design, low maintenance and reliable performance in some of the toughest environments. This product line represents a new generation of water-cooled motors developed in response to market demands for improved technical features. HydroCool XT is available with induction or permanent magnet rotor technology. The motor can achieve the highest level (IE5) efficiency rating for energy savings.

The motor’s power-dense solution delivers more power in a smaller footprint than similarly sized totally enclosed, fan-cooled motors. Water-jacket cooling offers higher thermal conductivity than air cooling, helping to extend the motor life while eliminating the need for fans or air filters. HydroCool XT provides versatility for extreme marine duty; pulp and paper; water and wastewater pumping; mining; and aggregate applications, among others.

The motor is available in four frame sizes from 60-1,250 horsepower (45-932 kW).


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