The Cordis Pressure Controllers

New Pressure Controllers Provide Steady, Repeatable Performance

March 31, 2023
Clippard's Cordis provides ultra-high resolution and repeatability.

The Cordis Pressure Controllers utilize the proven EVP and DVP proportional valve series allowing for steady, accurate and repeatable downstream pressure control as demand or process changes. The result is a precise linear pressure control within a closed-loop system providing ultra-high resolution and repeatability.

The Cordis uses a microcontroller, an internal pressure sensor and a Clippard proportional valve. The inlet valve is connected to the moderately regulated supply pressure. Once a command is increased, the proportional valve opens up to allow supply pressure to pass over the sensor element which provides active feedback for the microcontroller to satisfy the set point in the process. If at any point the sensor detects a value higher than the set point, the proportional valve closes and allows process to consume the remaining downstream pressure.


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