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Oct. 1, 2009
General-purpose motors The IronHorse general-purpose ac motor line has been expanded to include three-phase, 1,200-rpm/six-pole, and 3,600-rpm/two-pole

General-purpose motors

The IronHorse general-purpose ac motor line has been expanded to include three-phase, 1,200-rpm/six-pole, and 3,600-rpm/two-pole models.

Features & benefits

  • Six new 56C 3,600-rpm rolled-steel motors, ranging from 0.33 to 2 hp; 13 new T-frame cast-iron motors in 3,600 and 1,200-rpm versions in sizes from 1 to 10 hp

  • TEFC motors have 5:1 variable torque and 2:1 constant torque ratings; applications include fans, conveyors, and more

(800) 633-0405
Circle 160

Valve and controller system

The Enfinity System combines an M2 pneumatic-control valve and a C2 controller, both available with an integrated driver.

Features & benefits

  • M2 instrument-grade, proportional, directional-control pneumatic valve uses a specialized linear-force motor instead of a proportional solenoid

  • M2 aperture is controlled at high speed, so response is quick to setpoint command changes

  • C2 enclosed high-speed, high-accuracy analog controller with multiple PID and feed-forward options; user-friendly digital LCD/membrane keypad user interface; independent scaling of command and feedback signals

Enfield Technologies
(800) 504-3334
Circle 161

Planetary gear reducers

GAM Gear PE Series planetary gear reducers are low-cost, precision reducers suitable for servo or stepper motor applications.

Features & benefits

  • Available in both metric (50 to 118 mm) and NEMA (NEMA 17 to 42) output face; ready-to-mount series available in five standard frame sizes

  • Maximum torque output from 10 to 135 Nm and reduction ratios from 3:1 to 1000:1; closed unit requires no maintenance (lubricated for life)

  • Combine PE series gearbox with EKC Series elastomer/shaft coupling for greater cost-effectiveness

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Circle 162

Electric servoactuation system

Electric servoactuation provides linear motion and offers a convenient alternative to hydraulic actuation.

Features & benefits

  • Design of ballscrew extends life by twice that of traditional designs; draws less power than hydraulic alternatives without sacrificing precision or speed; applications include damper control, security barriers, pick-and-place robotics, and metal forming presses

  • Standard electric servoactuator features small footprints, maximum force of 70 kN, rod speeds to 640 mm/sec; absolute encoder transmits position and feedback data

  • Version for higher forces, longer strokes can be tailored to needs; force to 115.59 kN, rod speeds to 1,600 mm/sec

  • Servoactuation packages include servoactuator, servodrive, and commissioning software; automatically uploads preset system tuning parameters from absolute encoder when starting, to save time

Moog Inc.
(716) 652-2000
Circle 163

Bearing application guide

igus Bearing Applications text covers how plastic plain, spherical, and linear bearings and slides are used in real-world applications.

Features & benefits

  • Includes more than 20 application examples from industries such as medical, agricultural, food, and entertainment

  • Polymer bearings and sliding elements featured here are self-lubricating and maintenance-free

igus Inc.
(888) 803-1895
Circle 164

Multi-output pressure switch

The PSW3000 is a high accuracy, electronic pressure switch with four switching outputs plus 0 to 10 Vdc and 4 to 20-mA analog output.

Features & benefits

  • Easy-to-read, 4-digit display shows reading plus set point; user scalable bar graph included

  • Housing made of IP65-rated aluminum casting, for use in most industrial environments

  • Pressure ranges from 0 to 150 psi to 0 to 9,000 psi; suitable for chemical and automotive industries

Omega Engineering Inc.
(203) 359-1660
Circle 165

Rapid prototypes for dc motors

A 24-hr rapid-prototyping program for high-speed brushless-dc slotted motors lets builders order prototypes of Size 5, 6, 9, and 11 BLDC motors, with gearhead options of 5:1 and 25:1 gear ratios.

Features& benefits

  • BLDC motors with electronic commutation deliver smooth, efficient, and quiet operation; autoclave option available

  • 5 to 150 Vdc models with available no-load speeds ranging from 4,700 to 100,000 rpm

  • Maximum 39 oz-in. continuous torque with peak torque to 322.7 oz-in.

Portescap, a Danaher Motion Co.
(610) 235-5499
Circle 166

Micro valves

Mini MV micro valves offer short cycle times, low-energy consumption, and high reliability.

Features & benefits

  • Electrically actuated 3/2 pneumatic valves screw directly onto the actuator, making hose connections between valve and actuator unnecessary; reduces interfering contours and assembly expense

  • Airflow and air connection threads specified for the relevant actuator; just 7 msec to switch; 900 million switching-cycle lifespan

  • Available in 1.5, 2.5, and 3.0 mm sizes and achieve a flow rate of 2, 5, and 9 cfm at 87 psi

Schunk Inc.
(800) 772-4865
Circle 167

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