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Aug. 1, 2009
Motors and controllers SureStep line of NEMA 17, 23, and 34 stepping motors now includes bipolar models with 61 to 1,291 oz-in. output torque. Features

Motors and controllers

SureStep line of NEMA 17, 23, and 34 stepping motors now includes bipolar models with 61 to 1,291 oz-in. output torque.

Features & benefits

  • New linear power supplies offer 32, 48, and 70 Vdc output; electronic overload protection

  • Drives feature resolution to 51,200 steps/rev, power to 10 A/phase; step and direction, CW/CCW pulse inputs, A/B quadrature inputs, and 12-bit analog input

  • Serial-communicating indexer executes motion profiles on the fly

(800) 633-0405
Circle 160

Adjustable frequency drives

Series NFX9000 adjustable frequency ac drives provide adjustable speed control of 3-phase motors.

Features & benefits

  • Easy-to-understand removable keypad and features V/Hz motor control and RS485 serial communications

  • Quiet motor operation, high motor efficiency, smooth low-speed performance; CE compliant; hassle-free installation

Omega Engineering Inc.
(203) 359-1660
Circle 161

Motion programming script

Motion Programming Script (MPS) is an easy to use, network-enabled implementation of a Basic-like programming language with commands added specifically for motion control.

Features & benefits

  • Makes complex motion sequences easy for anyone; short, intuitive commands

  • Useful in stage gantry and robotics applications; no code editor required; script accessed remotely through Telnet or Web browser

Danaher Motion Co.
(540) 633-3545
Circle 162

Shaft supports

Two new 1045 carbon-steel shaft supports are available in a variety of diameters with black oxide or nickel-plated finish.

Features & benefits

  • Bracket-type supports in standard and long; direct mount saves space; easily installed with two bolts

  • Precision-cast T-shaped support provides strength and rigidity

Misumi USA Inc.
(800) 681-7475
Circle 162

Integration software for vision systems

Cognex Connect links In-Sight vision systems and most PLC, robot, HMI, and fieldbus systems.

Features & benefits

  • Simple point-and-click configuration makes it easy to control multiple vision systems from any network PC

  • Preconfigured drivers, templates, sample code make system setup fast

  • Visualization options integrate inspection images in central interface

Cognex Corp.
(877) 264-6391
Circle 163

Photoelectric sensors

Series 3130 photoelectric analog sensors feature a 10 to 100 mm sensing range, temperature stability between -25° and 55°C, and high repeat accuracy.

Features & benefits

  • Sensing range independent of target's color or surface structure

  • 500-Hz bandwidth; 0 to 5 V or 10 V models; 1 to 5 or 4 to 20 mA current output

  • Fully potted; equipped with glass windows; IP67 compliant

Contrinex Inc.
(866) 289-2899
Circle 164

Variable-frequency drives

VLT micro VFDs now come in an M4 frame size covering the three-phase 380 to 480 Vac, 15 to 20-hp range.

Features & benefits

  • Conformal-coated PCBs; serial communication via RS-485 Modbus RTU and FC protocols

  • Detachable control panel with or without a potentiometer

  • Single-phase 200 to 240 Vac, 0.25 to 2 hp; three-phase 200 to 240 Vac, 0.5 to 2 hp; and three-phase 380 to 480 Vac, 0.5 to 3 hp

Danfoss Drives
(800) 432-6367
Circle 165

Clear object sensors

World-Beam QS30 clear object sensors detect targets including PET bottles and glass containers, mirrors, LCD glass with polarizing films, and semiconductor wafers.

Features & benefits

  • Configured by either pushbutton or remote input line

  • Three switching thresholds — light, medium, dark, depending on transparency

  • Automatic compensation algorithm adapts threshold to environment in real time; microcontroller corrects errors

Banner Engineering Corp.
(888) 373-6767
Circle 166

Thermocouple interface

SCB-48×06 signal-conditioning boards let the RIO Pocket PLC interface with up to six thermocouples and RTDs.

Features & benefits

  • Connects directly to RIO-47120's 26-pin D-sub connector; vertically oriented from RIO connector

  • RIO unit contains 16 analog and 32 digital I/O, 32-bit processor, nonvolatile memory; board features arithmetic and logical processing, data logging, process-control loops, counters, timers; communicates via Ethernet and RS-232

Galil Motion Control
(800) 377-6329
Circle 167

Inductive encoders

Exl 1100 Series rotary encoders now come in versions in which mating dimensions are the same as those of common resolvers.

Features & benefits

  • EnDat 2.1 interface; uses inductive scanning method, so single-turn resolution is increased to 18 bits

  • Position values transferred as digital information to higher-level electronics over the fast, bidirectional EnDat interface; can also be transferred as an analog signal

  • Integrated read-and-write EEPROM makes user parameters available in subsequent electronics

Heidenhain Corp.
(847) 490-1191
Circle 168

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