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Jan. 1, 2009
Caged ball LM guide SRS5M/WM caged technology in a miniature LM guide eliminates the need for frequent lubrication and gives maintenance-free performance.

Caged ball LM guide

SRS5M/WM caged technology in a miniature LM guide eliminates the need for frequent lubrication and gives maintenance-free performance.

Features & benefits

  • Low particle generation makes it suitable for precision equipment applications including medical, semiconductor equipment, and measuring instruments

  • Offers minimal rolling resistance and 4-way equal load ratings with heights from 6 to 6.5 mm; block widths from 12 to 17 mm; and block lengths from 14.2 to 19.4 mm (16.9 to 22.1 mm with end seal)

  • Dimensionally interchangeable with RSR5 LM guide

THK America Inc.
(800) 763-5459
Circle 160

Explosion proof motors

IEC explosion proof motors are ATEX certified and available in single phase, three phase, brake, and two speeds at various nominal voltages and ratings from 63 to 315 frame sizes.

Features & benefits

  • Flameproof-explosion proof motors offer 0.08 to 175 hp, 3-phase, single-phase, ventilated, and non-ventilated, Group I, IIA, IIB, IIC, category 2G, 2D, 2GD, and temperature class T3 to T6

  • Increased safety motors offer 0.16 to 10 hp, 3-phase, 1 or 2-speed, Group II, category 2G, and temperature class T3

  • Non sparking motors offer 0.16 to 175 hp, 3-phase, 1 or 2-speed, Group II, category 3G, and temperature class T3

Lafert North America
(800) 661-6412
Circle 161

Electromechanical cylinders

New series of electromechanical cylinders offer custom control, high speed, and high torque capability to applications traditionally requiring hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders.

Features & benefits

  • Precision-rolled ball screw actuator offers high positioning accuracy and repeatability while eliminating stick-slip effect

  • Available in six sizes from 32 to 100, with stroke lengths up to 2,000 mm, and speed capabilities up to 1.6 m/sec

  • Other mounting options available

  • Rated to IP65

Bosch Rexroth Corp.
(800) 322-6724
Circle 162

Stepper drive/motor unit

STM is a stepper drive and motor unit fused into a single device offering savings on space, wiring, and cost.

Features & benefits

  • Advanced current control, anti-resonance technology, torque ripple smoothing, and microstep emulation deliver optimized stepper performance suitable for automation applications

  • Offers protection against over and under voltage, over-temp, motor shorts, and motor open phase

  • Available in lengths of 92.4 mm with an output torque up to 125 oz-in., or 114.4 mm with an output torque up to 245 oz-in.

Applied Motion Products
(800) 525-1609
Circle 163

Line driver cables

New series of line driver cables designed for use with AMT series of modular encoders.

Features & benefits

  • Suitable for use in RF interference machinery applications

  • Cables measure 1 m and operate from -40 to 85° C

  • One end terminates in a 5 conductor, 24 AWG connector and the other end terminates in an 8 conductor, 24 AWG shielded round twisted pair leads with stripped and tinned ends

  • CUI-102E-10 cable is compatible with the AMT102-V (radial) encoder and the CUI-103E-10 cable is designed for the AMT103-V (axial) encoder

CUI Inc.
(800) 275-4899
Circle 164

Swivel heads

SRH series 180° swivel heads are modular and consist of SRU rotary modules combined with two swivel corners, plus EDF electric and MDF media feed-throughs.

Features & benefits

  • Available in six sizes and 12 torques from 0.9 to 67.8 Nm

  • Electric feed-through is designed to use digital signals for sensors or simple actuators

  • Media feed-through is directly connected to the mounting surfaces of the swivel head; the swivel head and rotating grippers can be directly supplied with compressed air without hoses

  • Swivel head connections are easily accessible and universally equipped with housing connectors or sockets

Schunk Inc.
(800) 772-4865
Circle 165

Safety light curtains

Safetinex safety light curtains protect operators from injury by detecting when they have entered a danger zone and immediately stopping the machine.

Features & benefits

  • Sender and receiver unit demarcate the protection zone

  • Models with resolutions of 14 mm for finger protection and 30 mm for hand protection, with maximum protection field width of 3.5 m and 12 m respectively

  • Maximum protection field height is either 1,685 mm or 1,822 mm; two channel choices

  • Connection via M12 or M26 connector, short cable with M12 connector, or PUR cable, up to 10 m long

  • Includes a safety relay of safety category 4 for manual or automatic restart

Contrinex Inc.
(866) 289-2899
Circle 166

Modular linear actuator

ELZex explosion-proof modular linear actuator series meets ATEX 95 certification for caustic environments.

Features & benefits

  • Heavy duty rodless design is belt-driven and features anti-static high torque drive (HTD) belt

  • Stainless steel guide rods work in conjunction with adjustable track rollers to maintain consistent contact, preventing potentially explosive electric arcing discharge

  • Available in sizes 40, 60, 80, 805, 100, and 125

  • Stroke lengths up to 6,000 mm single/extrusion

  • Anti-static HTD belt is steel-reinforced and minimizes backlash on reversal, offering repeatability of ±0.1 mm

Nook Industries Inc.
(800) 321-7800
Circle 167

Wireless encoders

Swiftcomm, a wireless interface for encoders, offers a real-time wireless signal over a secure network for motion control applications.

Features & benefits

  • Fast boot-up and transmission time allows interface with existing control systems

  • Transmitter-receiver pair communicates using a point-to-point frequency-hopping 2.4 GHz RF protocol

  • Proprietary radio protocols include a broad security code range, data encryption, handshaking, and error checking that provides a secure wireless interface system

  • Suitable for a variety of industrial applications where cable runs are expensive to install and maintain

BEI Industrial Encoders
(800) 350-2727
Circle 168

Motor/drive units

MDrivePlus offers two new step and direction integrated motor/drive units: the MDrive14Plus Microstepping and the MDrive14Plus Half/Full Step.

Features & benefits

  • Uses NEMA size 14 brushless 1.8° stepping motor and measures 1.9 × 1.4 × 2.0 in.

  • Suitable for motion applications with limited space

  • Microsptepping model is capable of full (256 × 200) microstepping and includes 12 to 48 Vdc supply input with an operating range of -40° to 85° C

  • Choice of internal magnetic or external optical encoders with multiple line counts and index mark

Intelligent Motion Systems Inc.
(860) 295-6102
Circle 169

Precision stage

X-TREME nano-translation cross roller stage is a compact, high performance stage, capable of accuracies up to 0.14 Nm at speeds up to 6.5 mps.

Features & benefits

  • 27 mm high × 70 mm wide with load bearing capacities up to 1,100 lb

  • Quiet servomotor and smooth actuation with compact size make it suitable for applications requiring precision in a small space

  • Doweled holes in base for easy mounting and registration uses exact locating and centerline reference

  • Mountable in single axis or X-Y configurations with no loss of capacity or speed

Specialty Motions Inc.
(800) 283-3411
Circle 170

Ball bushing bearings

Thomson stainless steel MultiTrac ball bushing bearings deliver high performance in harsh environments and up to twice the load carrying capacity, or eight times the operating life, of conventional linear bearings.

Features & benefits

  • 440 stainless steel resists rust and withstands temperatures up to 180° F

  • Coefficient of friction as low as 0.001 allows smaller, less expensive motors, belts, gears, and ball screws

  • Wear resistant, engineered-polymer retainers reduce inertia and noise levels for smooth, quiet operation

  • Offers steady state travel speeds up to 3 m/sec and accelerations up to 150 m/s2, without the use of derating factors

  • Available in sizes 8, 12, 16, 20, 25, and 30 mm with adjustable, closed, and open configurations

Danaher Motion
(866) 993-2624
Circle 171

Magnetic sensors

MDRM/MDFM noncontact, wear-free magnetic sensors offer 360° angular measurement; compact units resist vibration, dirt, and moisture.

Features & benefits

  • No bearings, wiper contacts, or other moving parts that break down over time

  • Rectangular housings with a mounting depth of 8 mm or cylindrical housings that can be installed in a variety of narrow, space-restricted locations

  • 8-bit offers a signal resolution of 1.41° suitable for applications that require course positioning

  • 12-bit provides a maximum resolution of 0.09° for highly precise control systems

  • IP67-rated and offer current or voltage outputs allowing direct connection to standard interfaces without additional conversion

Baumer Ltd.
(800) 937-9336
Circle 172

Rack and pinion systems

Three levels of compact gearbox/rack and pinion systems offer high dynamic performance, unlimited travel distance, long service life, and low heat.

Features & benefits

  • Economy — for standard linear applications in mid-range/low-cost applications

  • Smart — for positioning options with more design freedom in flexible applications

  • Precision — for demanding requirements of dynamics and accuracy in applications such as master/slave configurations

Wittenstein Inc.
(888) 534-1222
Circle 173

Powerlink interface connection

The high-performance port provides a cost efficient and open solution that lets users connect devices to Powerlink networks. The systems house for CAN, CANopen, and realtime Ethernet automation has added a Powerlink stack to the architecture of STMicroelectronics' STR912FA microcontroller.

Features & benefits

  • Microcontroller unit combines a 32-bit CPU, 96 kB SRAM, flash storage capacity, Ethernet controller, and realtime clock

  • port's stack and ST's hardware let users implement a Powerlink connection for their devices

  • If the MCU has larger flash memory, users can employ a multi-protocol design, enabling connections to all software-based protocols such as Ethernet/IP

B&R Industrial Automation Corp.
(770) 772-0400
Circle 174

Spherical bearings

A full line of spherical bearings is suitable for a variety of applications, including industrial, construction, racing, agricultural, and lawn and garden equipment; several models are also suitable for non-rotational applications.

Features & benefits

  • Bearings are shaped around a hardened and precision ground stainless steel ball

  • Available in plain or V-groove mounting styles

  • Suited for corrosive environments; feature a high-strength stainless steel race

  • PTFE liners minimize friction and wear within the bearing's inner surface

Tuthill Controls Group
(260) 749-5105
Circle 175

Old-timer still ticking

The basic technology of the belt pictured in this January 1959 ad from Motion System Design is still in use today, but with innovations that now impart up to 98% energy transfer efficiency. (Compare that to maximum V-belt efficiencies of 90% or lower if they are improperly tensioned or misaligned.)

Positive drive belts introduced in this ad had a flat-plane trapezoidal shape and strength came from tensile members made from polyester, fiberglass filament, or steel. By the 1970s, Goodyear-branded synchronous belts began using curvilinear tooth profiles that permitted more precise sprocket-to-belt fit. Second-generation belts also incorporated higher-strength construction reinforcement engineered of fiberglass with aramid fiber.

Next-generation belts arose about 10 years ago; in one positive-drive design, each tooth lies at an angle on the belt to gradually roll through a sprocket, virtually eliminating impact vibration and accompanying whine. This 98% efficient belt dramatically lowers operating noise by up to 19 dB compared to straight-tooth positive drive belts.

The evolution of synchronous belts also extends beyond design to the rubber compounds comprising the belts. Today, Goodyear HiBrex, a rubber compound for power transmission belts, more than doubles load-carrying capacity compared to similar-width conventional positive drive belts — and resists shock loads, stretching and flex fatigue.

Goodyear Engineered Products introduced its latest design improvement in 2007 — a carbon-fiber reinforced rubber compound on a positive drive belt for NASCAR Sprint Cup Series engines.

Goodyear Engineered Products
(888) 899-6354
Circle 176

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