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May 1, 2009
Voice-coil-driven stage High-precision stage is driven by a voice-coil linear motor and weighs just 1 kg. Features & benefits Measures 80 50 145 mm and

Voice-coil-driven stage

High-precision stage is driven by a voice-coil linear motor and weighs just 1 kg.

Features & benefits

  • Measures 80 × 50 ×145 mm and comes in 5 or 7 mm travels

  • Incorporates a Renishaw linear scale to increase resolution to 0.1 µm, repeatability to 1 µm, and positioning accuracy to 3 µm

  • Typical speed is 1 m/sec; acceleration is 5 m/sec2

Steinmeyer Inc.
(781) 273-6220
Circle 160

Slotted wire duct

T1 Series of slotted wire duct line now comes in black and blue for specialized wiring identification.

Features & benefits

  • Blue wiring duct typically indicates intrinsically safe components in a control panel

  • Black wire duct is for network-cabling systems, fiber-cable racks, patch panels, and telecommunication closets

  • Duct comes in 2-m lengths with nonslip flush cover; nonslotted solid-wall wire duct in sizes from ½ × 2/3 in. to 4 × 4 in. in 2-m lengths also available

  • Available in multi-piece packages and single pieces

(800) 633-0405
Circle 161

Compact motion control system

SM3416DT-PLS2 series SmartMotor is a complete, programmable motion control system that combines a servomotor, amplifier, encoder, and motion controller in a single package.

Features & benefits

  • High-speed position capture for packaging, labeling, and vision-registration applications

  • Advanced torque overshoot braking for safe stopping of high moment of inertia loads

  • Mode-torque-brake for fast, smooth stops during E-stop or other faults

  • 8-pole, segmented-stator design achieves higher energy density and efficiency

  • Servo peaks at over 900 W, breaking the 1-hp barrier

Animatics Corp.
(408) 748-8721
Circle 162

Mini air cylinder

Cylinder measures just 0.512 × 0.552 × 0.906 in., and features two 8-mm bore × 2.5-mm stroke cylinders in a common body, back to back.

Features & benefits

  • Anodized-aluminum body contains M3 × 0.5 ports and houses a stainless steel piston-rod assembly

  • Operating pressure to 250 psi

  • Used to sort small trays of semiconductor parts

  • Special piston-rod ends available to accommodate custom tooling

(800) 229-4955
Circle 163

Flexible couplings

EKH flexible couplings can handle 10,000,000 cycles at rated torque.

Features & benefits

  • Resilient polyurethane insert damps vibration and absorbs slight shaft misalignment in the lateral, axial, and angular directions while transmitting backlash-free torque

  • Available with English, metric, keyed, and smooth bores

  • Handles torque from 15 to 19,000 lb-in.

  • Three different insert hardness levels are available for a choice between torsion resistance and flexibility levels

R+W America
(630) 521-9911
Circle 163

Single-piece clutch or brake assembly

Bearing-mounted clutch and brake assembly ships as one piece, eliminating the need for assembly or adjustment.

Features & benefits

  • Universal mount types come with a flange for mounting sprocket or pulley

  • Unit can be designed to include a clutch output

Ogura Industrial Corp.
(732) 271-7361
Circle 165

Timing belts

Synchrochain timing belts, available in more than 55 different sizes, are designed for applications that place extreme demands on belt performance, such as maximum power transmission.

Features & benefits

  • Belts resist fuels, oil, grease, cleaning agents, and moisture

  • Handles temperatures from ñ40° to 100° C

  • Smooth backside of belts allows use of back pulleys

  • Aramid fiber-tension members have a bifilar “S”or “Z” twist, which enables belts to withstand extreme cases of starting torque, as well as shock loads and high dynamic strain

ContiTech North America Inc.
(800) 654-0974
Circle 166

Proximity sensors

ASI high-temperature inductive proximity sensors have stainless steel housings for operation in 284° to 446° F applications.

Features & benefits

  • Switching distances of 2 to 50 mm

  • Come with prewired high-temperature cables

  • Suitable for applications requiring high ambient temperatures, as in steel and rolling mills, metallurgical and glass industries, press of chipboard, and painting plants for the automotive industry

Automation Systems Interconnect Inc.
(877) 650-5160
Circle 167


Advanced version of MOVI-PLC offers greater computing power and memory, which can be used to automate an entire machine from a single PLC-on-a-card.

Features & benefits

  • Handles up to 64 axes for complex motion control applications, with curves calculated online, multi-axis interpolation, and kinematic transformation

  • Integrated Ethernet interfaces mean fast engineering and direct connection to control level or plant controller for remote maintenance

  • Controller can be slotted into an electronic drive or installed as standalone device

  • Programming uses IEC 61131-3 and PLC Open-compliant function blocks

  • Available in three different versions; can connect to EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, ProfiNet, Profibus, EtherCAT, Modbus TCP/IP, and Ethernet UDP networks

(864) 439-8792
Circle 168

Miniature drive belt system

Excel-A-Belt features an arched tooth profile and zero backlash to run longer, cleaner, and quieter than other common drive belts in use today.

Features & benefits

  • Tooth profile enables high accuracy positioning and precise rotation transmission by providing a rolling action between the belt and drive sprocket

  • Belt tooth enters and leaves the sprocket in a rocking motion, reducing wear and contaminants from belt or sprocket tooth abrasion

  • Sprockets have bore sizes ranging from 3 to 25mm and come standard for shaft clamping

  • Belt widths of 3, 4, 6, and 9 mm available

  • Suitable for use with motors of 10 to 1,000 W

The Precision Alliance
(803) 396-5544
Circle 169

Proportional control valve

The LS-V05C proportional pneumatic control valve is a five-port, four-way valve designed for inline or manifold mounting.

Features & benefits

  • A bidirectional, linear force motor and spool-and-sleeve combination ensure that the valve precisely follows a command signal

  • Infinitely variable valve positioning; response time of only 2.5 msec; low hysteresis and high linearity

  • Suitable for high-performance pneumatic systems that demand position, motion, force, or pressure control, and fast switching

  • Applications include laboratory test and measurement, industrial automation, animatronics, medical equipment, and analytical devices

Enfield Technologies
(203) 459-0700
Circle 170

Probe connectors

PCC-OST and PCC-SMP series circuit board connectors attach thermocouple probes to printed circuit boards.

Features & benefits

  • Available in two sizes; mate either standard or miniature-size connectors

  • Each connector comes with a mounting clip

  • Miniature version can be horizontally or vertically mounted

Omega Engineering Inc.
(203) 359-1660
Circle 171

Linear actuators

With a special overload feature, Roh'lix linear actuators halt motion when an obstruction or pre-set level of travel pressure is reached, making positioning systems safer than those using a ball screw actuator.

Features & benefits

  • Without using sensors, ballscrews, and drive motors, actuators provide a new design option for all types of medical diagnostic systems requiring accurate positioning and motion operations with human interaction

  • Require no lubrication; quiet, clean and smooth operation

  • Consist of three precision bearings at each end of a two-piece aluminum carrier block

  • Mounted at an angle to the drive axis, six bearings convert drive shaft rotation into proportional linear travel; actuator travels on smooth, hardened shafts for added safety and cost savings

  • Handle motion thrust rated between 5 and 200 lb., depending on model and size; five sizes available for 3/8 to 2 in. diameter shafts

Zero-Max Inc.
(800) 533-1731
Circle 172

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