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Feb. 1, 2009
Cable/hose carriers Nylatrac automation line of cable and hose carriers are designed for high speeds and accelerations offering options for applications

Cable/hose carriers

Nylatrac automation line of cable and hose carriers are designed for high speeds and accelerations offering options for applications that require quiet operation, convenient accessibility, quick installation, and reliable performance.

Features & benefits

  • QT series Quiet Track carriers offer significant noise reduction over standard carriers

  • Gortrac Modular Guide Troughs provide long travel support

  • All-Round Multi-Axis Carrier Systems for numerous applications

  • Bantrac single piece extruded carriers provide quiet and inexpensive operation

  • Nylatube fully enclosed carriers and several drop-through options offer quick installation and easy removal of cables and hoses on KS and KL sizes

A & A Mfg. Co. Inc.
(800) 298-2066
Circle 160

Tool changer

The QC-1210 heavy automation tool changer is designed for payloads up to 2,650 lb and offers three fail-safe, stainless steel locking mechanisms to ensure high-moment capacity and strength.

Features & benefits

  • Modular construction allows integration into applications requiring high power, coolant, servo, DeviceNet, Ethernet, and discrete signal capabilities by incorporating separate modules mountable on any of the six available flats

  • Offers a common lock/unlock air supply and sensing method, allowing users to receive one signal from the tool changer or one from three individual locking mechanisms

  • Integrated robot adapter plates available for ISO 200 and ISO 250 patterns

ATI Industrial Automation
(919) 772-0115
Circle 161

Pneumatics system controller

The LS-C41 pneumatics system is a high-accuracy analog PID controller paired with an efficient PWM-based valve driver.

Features & benefits

  • Onboard valve driver saves space, with multiple PID and feed-forward options, Nested Loop control architecture; adjustable gain, deadband and dither frequency allow full application control

  • Suitable for laboratory test and measurement, industrial automation, animatronics, and medical equipment and devices

  • Maximizes LS and M2 driverless valve performance

Enfield Technologies
(800) 504-3334
Circle 162

Ac induction servomotor

High Dynamics Performances (HDP) ac induction servomotors are designed for rough operating conditions where compact dimensions and high dynamics are critical.

Features & benefits

  • Low rotor inertia, high torque density for dynamic response, high efficiency

  • Available in six sizes, H100, 132, 160, 200, 250, and 315 with two different configurations, IP54 (C type) and IP23 (V type)

  • Optional mechanical integrated holding brake and positioning encoder

ABB Inc.
Circle 163

Compact PLC

CLICK line of micro brick PLCs with stackable I/O modules and free programming software offer practical features in an easy to use, compact, and expandable design.

Features & benefits

  • Eight inputs and six outputs, available in four combinations of built-in I/O types

  • For expansion, 11 option modules are available for flexible system configuration up to 142 I/O

  • Two 24 Vdc power supply options, with either 0.5 or 1.3 A outputs

  • Two built-in RS-232 RJ12 communications ports supply 5 Vdc each, allowing connection of the C-more Micro HMI panel without an additional power supply

(800) 633-0405
Circle 164

Heavy-payload robot

New TX200 and TX200L are long-reach material-handling robots featuring load capacities ranging from 100 to 130 kg and maximum reach of 2,194 to 2,594 mm.

Features & benefits

  • Six degrees of freedom, fully enclosed structure for easy cleaning, 12.5 m/sec high-speed motion

  • Feature CS8 controller using VAL3 programming language for robotics, with possibilities to communicate through Fieldbus, Ethernet, ModBus, and more

  • Suitable for industrial and cleanroom applications including palletizing, pick and place, and machine loading/unloading

Stäubli Robotics USA
(864) 486-5416
Circle 165

Gravity conveyors

Modular gravity conveyors offer flexibility in configuration by using short roller sections to create the appropriate conveyor length.

Features & benefits

  • Roller sections are 20 in. long and include 5 rollers on 4-in. centers

  • Conveyor modules are available in widths from 4 to 36 in. and can be added or removed to create a suitable conveyor for each application

  • Made of high-impact polycarbonate; accommodates boxes weighing up to 100 lb

  • Lightweight for easy movement; leg sets offer adjustable heights and caster-base wheels offer portability and lock securely for stable operation

Dynamic Conveyor Corp.
(800) 640-6850
Circle 166

Linear actuators

High-torque GSX and I series electromechanical linear actuators are now available with a built-in force measuring option.

Features & benefits

  • Direct collection of electronic data on force applied by actuator; strain gauge load sensor mounted inside actuator in compact design; integrated load cell option on GSX30, 40, 50, and 60 models, and I Series 30 and 40 actuators

  • Stable load sensing (±1% linearity, ±0.5% repeatability and hysteresis) in compression and optionally tension, and for static or dynamic loads

  • Strain gauge conditioners offer 0 to 10 V output and are compatible with most standard PLC analog input cards and signal conversion modules

Exlar Corp.
(952) 368-3434
Circle 167

Pneumatic mini slide

Pneumatic mini slide DGSL uses an integrated bearing system for accuracies of 0.01 mm with linearity and parallelism in 1/100 mm range.

Features & benefits

  • 8 sizes from 4 to 20 mm diameter with strokes to 200 mm; suitable for electronics industry where small parts handling requires precision, restricted space

  • Optional clamping unit and end-position interlock prevents undesired lowering of loads onto work piece carriers in the case of compressed air supply failure, provides protection during emergency stops

  • Three end stop systems (shock absorber, cushioned metal stops, or polymer stops) available

Festo Corp.
(800) 993-3786
Circle 168

EtherCAT gateways

Anybus X-gateway series connects EtherCAT networks with 19 other fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks.

Features & benefits

  • Compact for standard DIN rail mounting and 24 V industrial power supply

  • All protocol functions including CANopen-based application layer for process data (PDO) and parameter data (SDO) communication functions; CE marked for UL, ATEX, and Class 1/Div 2 hazardous locations

  • After start-up, gateways immediately ready for data exchange between two selected networks; configuration in minutes with no programming or specific PC hardware or software

HMS Industrial Networks Inc.
(312) 829-0601
Circle 169

Mercury motion controller

Mercury is an OEM closed-loop motion controller for dc brushed and brushless motors, capable of driving motors up to a 1.1 kw peak.

Features & benefits

  • Multiple communication ports offer a wide choice of interfacing methods

  • Fully digital motion controller; suitable for dc and PMSM (BLDC and BLAC) motors

  • Power supply; 9 to 15 V logic, 10 to 75 V motor; current is 8 A continuous, 16 A peak

  • Compact design (82 x 63 mm) and no extra heat sink needed

  • Sinusoidal and trapezoidal commutation (brushless motors), space vector modulation (ac brushless motors), and PWM modulation (dc brushed and brushless motors)

  • Programmable protection against overcurrent, under and overvoltage, and overtemperature

(34) 934-019-845
Circle 170

Multi-rib belts

PolyVee belt driven roller and RollerDrive provide reliable torque transmission up to 300% higher than traditional O-rings.

Features & benefits

  • Flexible core allows it to be applied without any tensioning device

  • Accepts center-to-center distance tolerances, without impairing performance, and accurately controls the flow of boxes on a conveyor

  • New hub and belts with up to four ribs minimize belt slippage, offering quality torque transmission and long life cycle

  • Suitable for most conveying applications including roller curves, 24 Vdc pallet conveyors, long transport zones, and high speed applications

(800) 830-9680
Circle 171

Dc servomotors

Pittman Series 14,000 brush-commutated dc servomotors incorporate 11-slot skewed armatures to minimize magnetic cogging and promote quiet operation.

Features & benefits

  • 2-pole stators, sintered bronze bearings, ceramic magnets, copper graphite brushes, silicon steel laminations, diamond-turned commutators, and heavy-gauge steel housing

  • Available in seven lengths and can achieve peak torques up to 420 oz-in. and maximum continuous torque rating up to 50 oz-in at speeds up to 3,930 rpm, depending on model

  • Variable speed, voltage, current, and torque

  • Modular construction offers easy customization with planetary or spur gearboxes, optical encoders, alternate brush materials, brakes, cables, connectors, modified shafts, and RFI suppression or special configurations

(330) 673-3452
Circle 172


High strength Plastalloy magnets extend service life of drive trains, hydraulic lines, and metalworking equipment by capturing metal filings and ferrous materials that would otherwise damage downstream components.

Features & benefits

  • Available in custom-designed Chip Collector Magnets or embedded in Magnetic Drain Plugs

  • Oil resistant and work in temperatures to 150° C; Plastalloy can be bent, twisted, and flexed without the loss of magnetic energy

  • Lead free and ROHS/EN71 compliant, suitable for environmentally sensitive applications

  • Available in magnet sheets, strips, or die-cut shapes, with options including pressure sensitive adhesive, polarity identification, customized formulations, and special cutting techniques

The Electrodyne Co. Inc.
(513) 732-2822
Circle 173

Bearing encoder

Bearing encoder SC12 provides overall height of less than 1 in. and performance upgrades in applications limited by traditional modular encoder solutions.

Features & benefits

  • Outputs consist of a quadrature sine/cosine pair with an index pulse and three-phase commutation; bearing design simplifies encoder attachment

  • Resolutions to 1,250 lines per revolution; 4, 6, or 8-pole commutation

  • Multiple bolt circle mounting with through shaft sizes up to 10 mm diameter

  • 500 kHz frequency response, RoHS construction, and shaft speeds to 8,000 rpm

Quantum Devices Inc.
(608) 924-3000
Circle 174

Ac motors

DR line of ac motors with modular components provides a universal solution for global energy efficiency standards.

Features & benefits

  • Standard model and two high-efficiency versions

  • Modular design allows engineers to select motor, drive, and gear unit combination to maximize energy savings

  • Built-in encoder reduces cost, eases retrofit; resolution between one and 24 pulses per rev; sin/cosine, HTL, TTL, RS485, and others available

  • Three brake sizes per motor size; brakes are mounted on a friction plate, and can be easily removed for maintenance, resizing without disassembling the motor

SEW Eurodrive Inc.
(864) 439-8792
Circle 175

Linear arc potentiometers

Expanded line of potentiometers are now available with linear and nonlinear tapers, taps, and electrical angles of 340° and 350°.

Features & benefits

  • Suitable for military/aerospace and industrial valve applications

  • Nearly infinite resolution and an OD range of 0.702 to 1.805 in.

  • Output smoothness at 0.1% max, conductive plastic element, thermoplastic insulator, rotational life of 50 million cycles minimum

  • Options include arc element segments with and without terminals, enclosed with wiper assemblies or with 30 AWG Teflon lead wires at least 6 in. long

Spectrum Sensors & Controls Inc.
(530) 273-4608
Circle 176

Variable-speed dc drive

UPM and WPM motor speed controls have been redesigned to comply with the European RoHS directive.

Features & benefits

  • Surface mount technology, controls fractional PMDC gearmotor or motor speed; UPM unfiltered (SCR) control provides 115 or 230 Vac at 50/60 Hz input; output from 0 to 90 Vdc at 115 Vac, and 0 to 180 Vdc at 230 Vac

  • WPM filtered PWM control provides cooler motor operation, higher speeds and longer brush life than unfiltered control; 115 Vac, output 0 to 130 Vdc, form factor of 1.0; new 12 Vdc in/out OEM version available for battery or solar power; interface board 3984 for most controls also available

Bodine Electric Co.
(773) 478-3515
Circle 177

Rotary vane actuators

Pneumatically operated VRX actuators deliver up to 484 in.-lb of torque at 100 psi and can withstand high axial loads of up to 23 lb.

Features & benefits

  • Economical, for rotary actuation up to 280° in bore sizes of 1, 1.75, or 2.5 in., available single or double vanes on a corrosion-resistant single or double-ended shaft

  • Larger vanes; HSN seals, for three to five the service of Buna-N seals; for use in material handling, part feeding and clamping, pick and place operations, and elsewhere.

  • Single-vane models produce up to 242 in.-lb; double-vane models rotate to 100°

(763) 478-4372
Circle 178

Stock ac motors

Stock BaldorReliance RPM ac motors offer compact, square laminated steel frames for inverter and vector-duty applications.

Features & benefits

  • Totally enclosed fan or blower cooled, drip-proof designs

  • 3 through 1,000 horsepower, frame sizes to three times smaller than traditional NEMA or IEC motors, low inertia for use on high response applications

  • Optimized for adjustable speed drives use

Baldor Electric Co.
(479) 646-4711
Circle 179

Custom-engineered bearings

A line of bearing assemblies can be created for automotive and off-highway vehicles, machine tool, conveyors, material handling, packaging and food processing machinery, printing, textile, and general industrial applications.

Features & benefits

  • Range of 1/4 to 6-in. OD; variety of materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, and engineered polymers

  • Additional engineering design support, staff offers detailed knowledge of industry requirements

Kilian Mfg. of Altra Industrial Motion
(815) 389-6336
Circle 180

CAN and CANopen error tester

Universal CANcheck diagnoses CAN and CANopen errors.

Features & benefits

  • For physical wiring, cable, termination line length tests; signal level, busload and display of message and error frames

  • 4 measurement series can be recorded on device and then sent to PC; results checked automatically for plausibility

  • Battery-powered handheld device operated via keys and LCD display; USB interface, ISO/IS 11898-2, Al housing

(603) 471-0800
Circle 181

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