New Products | Jan 2010

Jan. 1, 2010
High-performance BLDC motor Size 23 BLDC motor features customized housing and shaft. Features & benefits Standard high-torque density design (P/N DIH23-30-BFNA)

High-performance BLDC motor

Size 23 BLDC motor features customized housing and shaft.

Features & benefits

  • Standard high-torque density design (P/N DIH23-30-BFNA) delivers continuous power at levels approaching 1-hp at speeds up to 20K rpm; 2.3-in. OD × 3.0 in.

  • Meets requirements for a cast-removal system to reduce pediatric-patient trauma; efficiencies exceed 85%

BEI Kimco Magnetics
(800) 572-7560

Nanopositioning stage

The SCR100 ultrahigh precision, single-axis stage integrates a slide guide, encoder, and linear shaft motor.

Features & benefits

  • Moving-magnet design; cables and connectors located in stationary base; absence of moving cable eliminates motion errors due to cable forces

  • Precision-ground cross-roller way provides high stiffness, smooth motion; higher torque levels due to offset loads with travels from 50 to 300 mm

  • Noncontact linear shaft motor and optical linear encoders are self-contained; built-in noncontact optical linear encoder comes with resolutions from 1 micron to 10 nm with digital output

Nippon Pulse America Inc.
(540) 633-1677

Pneumatic air cylinders

The Nitra line of pneumatic air cylinders now includes a series of stainless steel, round body, non-repairable actuators.

Features & benefits

  • Type 304 stainless-steel cylinder bodies feature double rolled construction with high-strength aluminum alloy porting ends

  • Single and double-acting models with nose, pivot, and double-end mounting options are available, as are some cylinder models with magnetic pistons for position indication; 7/16 to 2-in. bore sizes; depending on bore size, ½ to 18-in. stroke lengths; mounting brackets, nuts, and rod clevises available

(800) 633-0405

Locking devices

ECOLOC Series internal locking devices provide higher torques, excellent self-centering ability, and axial capacities in rotating machinery for heavy-duty applications.

Features & benefits

  • Applications include clutches, conveyor belts, turbine rotors, flywheels, brake drums, gears, and sprockets

  • RfN 7003-7006, 7004-7007, and 7005-7009 devices are directly interchangeable with other commercially available locking devices and use a slit-ring design for greater shaft tolerance variation

  • All ECOLOCs provide backlash-free connection and eliminate keys, keyways, splines, press fits, and shrink fits

Ringfeder Corp.
(888) 746-4333

Flat motor

The EC 9.2 flat motor, measuring 10 × 12.5 mm, offers high nominal torque up to 0.83 mNm and stall torque up to 1.29 mNm.

Features & benefits

  • 10-mm OD includes a protective cover and acts as a mounting aid during motor installation

  • Eight-pole neodymium permanent magnet; preloaded ball bearings

  • With or without Hall sensors; suitable for medical applications where space is limited

maxon motor usa
(508) 677-0520

Paired contacts

Paired, gold-plated, miniature-bellows Interconnectric contact springs make flexible interconnections.

Features & benefits

  • ODs from 0.037 to 0.125 in.; can be used individually or as pairs

  • Convex conical-tip contacts with concave receptacles allow self-alignment, to compensate for angular and parallel misalignments; electrodeposited nickel alloy and gold plated to ASTM B-488-01 to enhance conductivity; low dc resistance with a minimum of insertion loss; lifetime spring and force repeatability

  • Minimize shock and vibration in dynamic applications; a less expensive alternative to tightly toleranced assembly components

Servometer/PMG LLC
(973) 785-4630

Intelligent linear actuators

Series 500 programmable linear actuator — available with I/O, indexer, and drive — offers higher loads, longer life, increased duty cycles, higher speed, and more programmability than traditional designs.

Features & benefits

  • Optional external linear position sensor provides programmable positioning and verification feedback for both parallel and higher speed in-line configurations

  • Capacities to 550 lb for in-line configurations, with parallel configurations to 1,000 lb; stroke lengths from 2 to 24 in. (custom lengths available); compatible with stepper or servomotors and controls; ball or Acme screw designs; self locking

  • Stepper controller capable of full, half-step, or micro-stepping; servo controller and amplifier in one package; 10-ft motor power cable and feedback cables included; IP65 rated

Nook Industries Inc.
(800) 321-7800

Programmable verbalizer

The UV1000-PM is a universal programmable verbalizer that can verbalize and display process signals such as 0 to 10 Vdc, 0 to 20 mA, or 4 to 20 mA, and type J, K, T, and R thermocouple signals.

Features & benefits

  • Built-in speaker and external loudspeaker provide clear and loud sounds of the UV1000-PM's verbalized signals while connected to sensors or other measurement and control devices

  • Dual alarm outputs with adjustable deadband, scalable analog input, multicolor LED display, PC interface software, and command/continuous speech selection with volume control

  • More than 100 built-in audible engineering units available

Omega Engineering Inc.
(203) 359-1660

Signal conditioners

KC Series signal conditioners offer low power consumption, thereby reducing heat output.

Features & benefits

  • SIL-rated modules deliver broad range with three-port isolation; easy to program and configure with pushbutton or dip-switch logic functions

  • Limit detection with form-C alarm contacts, fault detection, alarm functionality, loop-powered and analog isolators; removable terminals for lower maintenance costs

  • Smaller size (12.5 mm width) reduces number of cabinets required

(330) 486-0002

Servo rod-style actuator

The new integrated-motor actuator (IMA) combines a servomotor with a rod-style actuator.

Features & benefits

  • Integrated design provides higher dynamic performance by eliminating the need for separate motors, couplers, motor mounts, gearing, and belts

  • To 2,000 lbf; 23 ips, ±0.00984-in. positional accuracy; incremental stroke lengths from 6 to 18 in.

  • Multiple ballscrew leads and a choice of motor winding voltages; screw lubrication system allows for easy relubrication without disassembly

Tolomatic Inc.
(800) 328-2174

Caliper brakes

VCS MK 4 spring-applied, hydraulically-released caliper brakes are designed for hoists, conveyor drives, cranes, ship loaders, wind turbines, and drill rigs in industries such as mining, steel, pulp and paper, and marine.

Features & benefits

  • 50% larger pad area; modular construction for easy assembly and maintenance; precision monitoring options; full compatibility with existing VCS mounts and controlled braking systems

  • Two-module brake is a complete unit with two pre-fitted brake pads; optional mounting bolts (tie rods), finishes, and monitoring switches

Twiflex Ltd.
Altra Industrial Motion
(815) 389-6227

Linear-displacement transducers

Two new models of ac-ac LVDTs work in extreme pressures and temperatures.

Features & benefits

  • Housing is perforated to equalize pressure inside and outside; fluids must be electrically nonconductive and chemically benign (as hydraulic oils); internal materials withstand high temperatures

  • Rated to 35,000 psi, operate at temperatures to 450° F, and feature ±0.25% nonlinearity and a ±0.01%/°F temperature coefficient of sensitivity

  • Infinite resolution in a variety of strokes; 3/8 or ¾-in. OD bodies with signal conditioners for dc-dc or 4-to-20-mA operation

Trans-Tek Inc.
(800) 828-3964

Flexible rack options

Precision linear rack-and-pinion actuator options allow for 2-m rack and various custom choices.

Features & benefits

  • Precision (premium), Smart, and Economy-class racks available

  • 2-m rack including 0.35, 0.6, 1.3, or 1.75 m; unique hole patterns (with and without pin holes); blank racks without fastening holes

  • Hole pattern variations, such as thread holes; hole position variations, such as thread hole in back

  • Tooth quality for racks to 2 m (std=Q6 (DIN)); pinions in Premium Class+, Premium, Standard, and Value class

Wittenstein North America
(888) 534-1222

Retaining rings

Hoopster retaining rings fit into much shallower grooves than regular snap rings or retaining rings and are suitable for light to heavy loads.

Features & benefits

  • For thin-wall tubes; low profile, precision circularity, small radial size, high thrust capacity

  • Will not twist or deform under load as with conventional retaining rings

  • Carbon and 302 stainless steel in sizes from 3/8 to 3 in.

  • Easy installation without special tools

Smalley Steel Ring Co.
(847) 719-5900

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