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July 1, 2009
Multiport junction blocks Zip-Port multiport junction blocks allow multiple sensors to be wired to one block with one cable to the control panel. Features

Multiport junction blocks

Zip-Port multiport junction blocks allow multiple sensors to be wired to one block with one cable to the control panel.

Features & benefits

  • Available in field-wireable or 5-m cable versions, blocks feature four and five-pin M12 connectors in four, six, and eight-port models, and a choice of one or two I/O per port

  • 24 Vdc and 120 Vdc/Vac operation in -20° to 80° C; provides IP67 protection with protective caps in place; 5-m integrated cable series come with three 18-gage wires for power connection

Automation Direct

(800) 633-0405
Circle 160

DIN-rail modules

DSUB series interface modules provide a reliable plug-and-play interface for any industrial control system.

Features & benefits

  • CE-compliant modules come with male, female D-subminiature connectors

  • 9, 15, and 25-pin models; optional D-SUB cables; suitable for packaging and automated assembly

Omega Engineering Inc.

(203) 359-1660
Circle 161

Sterilizable motors

EC5 and EC13 sterilizable drives, with or without planetary gearheads, are suitable in medical applications up to 90,000 rpm.

Features & benefits

  • Low vibration, marginal thermal emission; drives withstand 500 autoclave cycles; both designs available with Hall sensors or sensorless, gearheads with one, two, or three stages, with or without output end-shaft sealing

  • EC5 motor and gearhead in U.S. customary units, with 0.5-in. OD, 0.125-in. shaft, and servo mount motor fastening

  • EC13/GP13 version in metrics, with a 13-mm OD, 3-mm shaft, and flange with three-face side threads

maxon precision motors Inc.

(508) 677-0520
Circle 162

Fieldbus cables

DataCell Foundation fieldbus M-EZ (Marshaling EZ) cables are designed with up to 24 individually foil-shielded pairs, with each pair enclosed in an extruded PVC binder.

Features & benefits

  • Pairs sit within a single cable fo fast, simple installation; 16 awg cable available for longer runs;18 awg available in single-shielded, twisted-pair spur cables and as multipair cable

  • Line includes an arctic-rated ITC/PLTC-listed version with optional armor and a RoHS-compliant UL 1309 marine shipboard-listed cable with a cut-and-abrasion-resistant TPE outer jacket; both suitable for use to -60° C.

Northwire Inc.

(715) 294-2121
Circle 163

Linear rail covers

Gortite standard and custom linear rail covers are available for use on all makes of linear rails.

Features & benefits

  • Bellows type protective covers are made of durable, neoprene-coated nylon; protect expensive linear motion systems from contaminants in all types of industrial environments

  • Light, medium, and heavy-duty applications; some from stock

A&A Manufacturing Co. Inc.

(800) 298-2066
Circle 164

Safety software

The SafeDESIGNER development tool provides an way to program safety-related functions from within Automation Studio environment.

Features & benefits

  • Safety application programming reduced to virtual wiring of logical function blocks; fixed-wired safety circuits are no longer necessary

  • Function blocks and language elements conform to IEC 61131-3; library certified by TÜV Rheinland with 20 function blocks for machine automation also included; function blocks correspond to PLCopen standard

  • Safety application is processed in a safe controller — SafeLOGIC — which supports cycle times starting at 1 msec and connection of up to 100 peripheral devices

B&R Industrial Automation Corp.

(770) 772-0400
Circle 165

Pressure sensor

The Compact Pressure Sensor SPAB, suitable for use in medical and semiconductor applications, has a pressure measuring range of 0 to 10 bar or -1 to 1 bar.

Features & benefits

  • Both npn or pnp switching outputs; digital and analog; M8, cable connection, NPT, G, and R thread fittings

  • Clear-cut switching status display; two-part, three-color display; easy transfer of program to all other SPAB pressure sensors

Festo Corp.

(631) 435-0800
Circle 166

Induction-type motor

The HP Series motor offers significant frame-size reductions, 50% weight savings, and uses 80% less energy.

Features & benefits

  • Design uses low stator current, generating fewer losses due to low current demand, resulting in reduced winding and bearing temperatures; no cooling fan required

  • Suitable for continuous-duty applications; constant torque and superior efficiency across speed range

  • Single-phase power ratings of 0.75 to 2.2 kW and three-phase supply versions of 0.75 to 22 kW in both 50 and 60-Hz applications; available with built-in drive or as standalone unit compatible with most drives

Lafert North America

(800) 661-6413
Circle 167

Failsafe linear brakes

DUO-GRIP B100 spring-set, pneumatic-release brakes provide unlimited linear travel and braking forces to 5,400 lb.

Features & benefits

  • Provide emergency stopping or holding with zero backlash; brakes operate on a flat metal bar or disk and may be mounted in any position; suitable for e-stops

  • Open design allows for visual lining wear inspection, quick shoe replacement, and simple, single-point adjustment

  • Left and right hand models; two sizes of actuating cylinders; custom and hydraulic-release versions available

Hole Industries Inc.

Circle 168

Miniature shaft coupling

MK1 bellows couplings allow for increased bore diameter within given coupling size through use of radial setscrews with dismounting grooves.

Features & benefits

  • Helps adapt between shafts with a large difference in size; stainless steel bellow compensates for axial, lateral, and angular shaft misalignments

  • Zero backlash and high torsion resistance; 0.05 to 10 lb-in. torque range; bore sizes from 1 to 28 mm

R+W America LP

(630) 521-9911
Circle 170

Disc-brake calipers

Spring-applied, hydraulically released VKSD Model disc-brake calipers useful for emergency stops, stopping and parking, where one conveyor feeds material to another (at risk of overspill) or where there is risk of injury.

Features & benefits

  • May be fitted to the tail drum, driving drum, or motor shaft; for long overland conveyors, the VKSD should be fitted to the upstream end to prevent a catapult effect due to the reversal of belt tension

  • Suitable for winder and haulage applications


Altra Industrial Motion Co.

(800) 964-3262
Circle 169

Rod-style linear actuator

The ICR Basic rod-style linear actuator combines a powerful servomotor with a rugged ball screw housed in an aluminum extrusion.

Features & benefits

  • Requires only dc power source and motion inputs from host PLC; direct replacement for pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders

  • Force and speed control are fully adjustable via potentiometers using a standard screwdriver

  • 24 or 48 Vdc operation; extend and retract movements triggered by digital signal inputs from host PLC; 24-in. maximum stroke length

  • Two screws provide 80-lb continuous force for speeds to 23 in./sec, or 200-lb for speeds to 9 in./sec


(800) 328-2174
Circle 171

Linear actuators for cleanrooms

Clean Motors line of actuators available in three class levels to prevent contamination of cleanrooms and those under high vacuum.

Features & benefits

  • Below rated maximum operating temperature, actuators survive vacuum down to 10-8 torr; nonvolatile materials, cleaned with ultrasonics, vacuum-baked at high temperature; Teflon wires, stainless bearings

  • Class 3 motors with low out-gassing lubricants and materials, for down to 10-4 torr; HSS-16 lubricant

  • Class 2 linear actuator designed for down to 10-6 torr

  • Class 1 motors treated as Class 2, plus 1000 clean room handling, and fit down to 10-8 torr

HaydonKerk Motion Solutions

(800) 243-2715
Circle 172

Gearmotors and motors

Pacesetter line includes more than 20 new 230 to 460 Vac, variable speed, three-phase gearmotors and motors.

Features & benefits

  • 34R and 42R frame motors offer dual voltage windings and inverter-duty ratings; with ac speed control, 120 to 3,650 rpm speed range; 281 oz-in. maximum torque; rated from ¼ to 3/8 hp

  • Matchable with parallel-shaft E and F gearheads with 5:1 to 300:1 ratios and 25 to 341 lb-in. rated torque, or 5N right-angle head — 5:1 to 75:1 ratios and 54 to 116 lb-in.

  • Larger 48R dual-voltage motors to ¾ hp available; five-stage insulation system protects against spikes or corona damage from inverter

Bodine Electric Co.

(773) 478-3515
Circle 173

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