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Save time with gearmotors

Sept. 1, 2008
Welcome to your Time Saving Technology department, highlighting new developments designed to help you put more efficiency in your game. This month we

Welcome to your Time Saving Technology department, highlighting new developments designed to help you put more efficiency in your game. This month we review some of the latest gearmotors on the market.

Compact gearmotor offers easy mounting

A new, reversible dc gearmotor, Model MMP-TM55-24V GP52-195, accepts any 24 Vdc power source including battery power. This mini but mighty gearmotor has a 2.14 in. diameter, is 7.75 in. long, and has a keyed output shaft of 12 mm diameter by 25 mm long. Fast and easy mounting is accomplished with four face mount, equally spaced M5 threaded holes. Output is rated for 196 in.-lb continuous torque at 24 rpm, and 444 in.-lb peak. Despite its compact size and weight, it's an efficient design that offers long life battery charge, quiet operation, lower cost drive electronics, and an IP54 rating for use in harsh environments. Visit or call (952) 955-2626.

Mounting packages make conveyors more flexible

Virtually no two conveyor applications are alike, which is why a variety of gearmotor mounting packages are now available for the QWIK conveyors platform. Depending on the package, parts include mounting bracket, 3-jaw flexible coupling, coupling guard, timing belt, pulleys, instructions, and mounting hardware. Gearmotors for the conveyors are rated for loads up to 1,000 lb, and can be programmed for fixed and variable speeds. QWIK conveyors allow end users to quickly and easily modify the length, or even add or remove a curve, to adjust to changing applications. Conveyors can be shortened or extended simply, by one person, in as little as 10 minutes. Visit or call (800) 397-8664.

Groschopp tool eases motor specification

STP Design Search is a web-based tool that simplifies motor and gearmotor selections for engineers and product designers looking for fractional horsepower solutions. Based on the timesaving Motortec STP Calculator, two of three performance parameters (speed, torque, and/or power) can be entered, along with motor type, gearbox type, and voltage. Sophisticated algorithms then calculate and match desired performance specifications to the motor and gearmotor product database. More than 4,200 product designs are available, all of which are accessible on the website with performance curves, efficiency data, and 3D models. Motor/gearmotor “matches” are presented within in seconds. Visit or call (800) 829-4135.

Gearmotors feature improved diagnostics

A new actuator-sensor (AS) interface offering improved diagnostic capabilities is now standard with MOVIMOT C gearmotors with integral frequency inverters. Designed for real-time communications at the sensor or actuator level, AS-Interface provides failsafe connectivity under challenging ambient conditions. It also links easily to higher-level fieldbus and Ethernet networks. The integration of AS-Interface, an unshielded two-wire bus, makes it quick and easy to connect sensors and actuators to distributed control systems using master and slave topologies. Up to 31 slaves can be connected to a drive system incorporating multiple gearmotors. The MOVIMOT C drive features a built-in LED for quick display of machine diagnostics and motor protection information. Visit

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