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FAST Integrates Robots into Automation Equipment

Feb. 19, 2015

Lenze’s FAST application toolbox now includes modular robotic software with built-in kinematic systems to smoothly and easily integrate robots into machine automation and control designs. Kinematic modules are available for Delta2, Delta3, buckling arm, SCARA robots, and different types of gantry robots. Modules can be programmed using parametrization. Therefore, pick-and-place operations are precise, and robot programming doesn’t require knowledge of robot kinematics.

Robot path-planning functionalities, such as buffer mode, blending, look-ahead, and motion smoothing commands, are based on PLCopen Part 4. FAST integrates a robotics core with six degrees of freedom, and includes standard motion commands like linear, spline, and point-to-point for optimum robot movement and programmability. Auxiliary axes can be programmed for speed-dependent processes, such as keeping up with a conveyor belt. Visualization before implementation is possible for security.

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