Machinedesign 20738 Emerson Aventics Smart Pneumatics Analyzer

Pneumatic Analyzer Gathers Data for IIoT

June 28, 2019
Pneumatic Analyzer Gathers Data for IIoT

Connecting the Smart Pneumatics Analyzer from Aventics to a machine’s compressed air supply will give users instant analysis options for key machine characteristics such as compressed air consumption and possible leaks. The portable analyzer contains a Smart Pneumatics Monitor, AS series air preparation units, and a tablet for visualizing live data. The monitor initially detects the system operating state, analyzes data, and provides this processed information to users for status-oriented maintenance, for example. The device evaluates data locally and generates information about the system’s status. All data from the valves, as well as from components connected to the I/O modules on the valve system, is read and processed by algorithms based on decades of expertise in pneumatic product engineering and application. The device can be used to do condition monitoring, i.e., collecting operating states and making prediction as the basis for anticipatory maintenance. This lets users increase the availability of their equipment and reduce maintenance costs. Once defined limits are reached, the electronics can automatically send messages to ERP and MES systems, as well as maintenance and other staff. Data collected can also help improve a pneumatic systems’ energy efficiency.

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