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Low-pulsation diaphragm pump designed for recirculation

Aug. 26, 2019
Low-pulsation diaphragm pump designed for recirculation

The FP 400,  a next-generation diaphragm pump from KNF, combines the advantages of diaphragm pumps such as self priming, the ability to run dry, and long, maintenance-free lifetime under continuous-operation conditions, with a pulsation level comparable to gear pumps. Pulsation for pump is less than 150 mbar. Levels far below this are achievable, depending on system tubing hardness, tubing inside diameter, and flow path length/configuration. The pump delivers up to 5 L/min of liquid at back pressures to 15 psi, with complete linear control of flow between 10% and 100% of the nominal flow rate. Pump flow is fully stable with fluid viscosities ranging between 1 and 150 cSt. The pump handles viscosities up to 500 cSt with some flow rate reduction. The pump provides gentle, low-shear transportation of sensitive media. It also features low vibrations, a noise level below 55 dBA, chemically resistant flow-path material options for use with aggressive media, and an IP65 protection rating.

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