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PTC’s take on Daimler’s move to switch its CAD supplier

Some are saying that Daimler’s move to switch CAD suppliers is a significant change and are wondering if this will have a ripple effect across the different vertical markets. PTC says to consider the following:

• Daimler is not the first to make a major shift like this. In 2010, PTC announced 11 new accounts representing every major vertical market. Companies such as Otis Elevator, Raytheon, Cummins Engine, GE Healthcare, Continental, and EADS all moved from legacy systems to PTC.
• Windchill PLM customers include all of the top ten global A&D companies, nine out of the top ten global automotive companies, nine out of the top ten global industrial companies, and all of the top ten global electronics and high-tech companies.
• PTC users like having one PLM environment in which product data creation, management, and collaboration are closely tied to regulatory compliance, product quality, and documentation.
• The company is the largest PLM contractor in the world based on dedicated services people, revenue, and training curricula. PTC is the winner of the fall 2010 Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) STAR Award for Overall Operational Excellence in Technology Professional Services.

According to PTC, no one knows if Daimler’s move will "open the floodgates," but it is interesting to consider that users are making careful evaluations, which provides opportunities for all developers to showcase their technology strengths and gain competitive ground.

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