Machine Design

Publisher's Comment: Eighty-Years Old and Completely-up-to Date

Machine Design has been serving the needs of design engineers for almost 80 years.

We know the challenges you face daily: reducing product costs; working in multiple engineering disciplines; designing in less time; and increasing product reliability, serviceability and safety, as well as complying with legislative regulations and engineering for sustainability. No small tasks in a business world with less manpower, fewer resources and the need for continuing education and training.

The evolution of content distribution continues, and we promise to continue fulfilling our editorial mission to provide the critical information you need in multiple formats. We’ve embraced exciting new vehicles, from e-books and Webcasts to Engineering TV and educational web video. I want to personally thank you for your valuable input in conveying your needs by responding to our research department’s ongoing questionnaires. Your responses have helped us to better understand the challenges you face and better serve your needs.

With these needs in mind, the issue you are holding is HOT in more than one way. It is not only full of the HOT technology advances that can help you solve design challenges, but it also showcases some HOT content enhancements we have introduced over the past several months. We know you depend on our editors to investigate, analyze, and filter the mountains of information critical to the engineering function and reference you to do more detailed searches online.

A newly created icon alerts you to see more at and other related Web sites to immediately connect you to the information and solutions you need. Cleaner content pages make it easier for you to find information about current topics. Technology features have a more dynamic look and now include a callout box at the beginning of the article with the WHO, WHAT and WHERE of the article for your quick reference. Clean and consistent headers alert you to page contents. Our new Reporter’s Notebook gives our editors the ability to post the most up-to-date technical data in a concise format.

Please let Lee and me know what you think. We are passionate about our responsibility to the design-engineering function and our role in helping make you successful.

Dennis Jensen
[email protected]

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