Machine Design

Rapid prototyping gets even faster

Most rapidprototype facilities can turn around a quote and a model in about a week.

The quote screen from Redeye shows that the drill guide example will cost $200 when made in white ABS plastic.

And that's considered fast. But a new venture from Stratasys Inc. claims to produce a model in about three days after receiving an order.,an online extension to the Stratasys BuildFDM service, turns parts around quickly, thanks to 57 Stratasys FDM and seven Object machines at its facility. The Object RP machines produce models with smoother surfaces than the others.

Users must first download software, a 10-min task. The software analyzes an .stl model of the part and produces the quote without an offsite transmission, thus keeping sensitive company information off public networks.

"Large or unusual parts will probably trigger the request for a manually generated quote, and that will take a little longer," says RedeyeRPM Director Eric Lindberg. He adds that users receive functional and accurate parts made of user-selected, production-grade plastic.

Redeye RPM, (866) 882-6934,

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