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Recycle that old solder box

This year's Recycling Works Award went to Dell for programs that encourage recycling, including its Free Consumer Global Recycling effort covering the company's branded computer equipment.

Dell's Reconnect Program through Goodwill Industries lets consumers donate unwanted electronics of any brand in any condition at Goodwill intake sites. The program is currently underway in central and south Texas, San Diego, San Francisco, Michigan, eastern North Carolina, and the Pittsburgh area.

Asset Recovery Services helps business and institutional customers retire used IT equipment. Last year Dell recovered 72% more product by weight than it did the previous year. The company hopes to recover about 275 million lb of equipment annually by 2009.

Lastly, the company's Computer Donation partnership with the National Cristina Foundation lets customers donate any working computer system to local nonprofits. NCF matches consumer donations to the local nonprofits, public agencies, and schools. The U.S., Canada, the U.K., Ireland, France, and Brazil participate in the program.

The National Recycling Coalition's Recycling Works Award honors an organization or individual who demonstrates leadership in recycling and conservation. Previous recipients include Starbucks, McDonald's Corp., and Environmental Defense.

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