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Reinventing a legend

Set to premiere this fall at the Frankfurt Auto Show, the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren super sports GT celebrates the SLR race cars of the 1950s.

A sneak peak at the Mercedes-Benz SLR super sports GT takes cues from the 300SLR roadster and Uhlenhaut Coupe in the background.

Claimed to be a futuristic interpretation of styling elements of the original 300SLR and the latest Formula 1 Silver Arrow race cars, the SLR McLaren will hit U.S. shores mid-2004.

The hot rod features a carbon-fiber composite monocoque and body panels, and fiber-reinforced ceramic brake discs. According to Mercedes-Benz, the specially designed carbon-fiber crash structure pushes the sports car to new levels in energy absorption. The heart of the SLR is a supercharged V8 that provides over 550 hp. Pricing has not been set in stone, but expect the mid-$300,000 range.

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