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Rotomolded plastic replaces concrete

A Netting TrashTrap system from Fresh Creek Technologies Inc., took the wastewater industry by storm, capturing floating trash and debris before it can disrupt sewer systems or pollute waterways.

But the company knew its large, concrete system would be far too costly and cumbersome for the low-flow (1 to 5 cfs) stormwater market. To get something more light weight the company worked with the plastics design and manufacturing firm Meese Orbitron Dunne Co.

MOD engineers designed a rotationally molded alternative using advanced 3D modeling that eliminates a weighty concrete vault, concrete cover, and stainless steel doors. The compact housing for the Trashmaster Net Capture System is a single rotationally molded part made from durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE), with a manhole cover for access. The housing costs as much as 50% less to produce, is just a quarter the weight (the rotomolded part with the stainless steel innards weighs 750 lb versus 3,000+ lb for its concrete counterpart), and installs in a day using on-site equipment compared to a week for its concrete counterpart. The plastic part fits pipe up to 24 in. in diameter and can be installed to a depth up to 10 ft.

More Information:
Meese Orbitron Dunne Co.
Fresh Creek Technologies Inc.

To help speed installation, Meese Orbitron Dunne Co. preassembles the Trashmaster Net Capture System with custom engineered pipe couplings, framing, and other internals. MOD then ships the rotationally molded unit directly to the job site complete and ready to install.

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