Machine Design

Scanning for Ideas: Actuators with Easily Adjustable Belt Tension

The HPLA and HLE belt-driven actuators from Parker Hannifin Corp.’s Electromechanical Automation Div., Irwin, Pa. (, can now have belt tension adjusted at the idler end.

This lets users adjust the belt without removing the load. According to Parker, this reduces maintenance and, together with the HPLA/HLE direct- mount gearbox, lowers ownership costs by 20%.

Both actuators handle speeds up 5 m/sec, loads to 1,600 kg, and generate up to 5,500 N of thrust force. Drive torque can be as high as 244 Nm. The HPLA can move loads 50 m, while the HLE actuator has a 20-m range. Repeatability is 0.05 mm.

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