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Scanning for Ideas: Ion cannon cleans as it shoots

Scanning for Ideas: Ion cannon cleans as it shoots

The Ion Air Cannon from Exair, Cincinnati, can neutralize static electricity and clean surfaces up to 15 ft away using a stream of ionized air. It can be useful for processes such as opening bags, cleaning molded parts, removing static electricity from electronic assemblies, and neutralizing shrink wrap and containers.

The cannon uses a relatively small amount of compressed air, at about 10-psig pressure, to induce much more air to flow through the Ion cannon cleans as it shoots cannon. This air can be delivered from a remote, cleaner space through a hose if necessary. At the end of the cannon, an emitter powered by a 5-kV power supply (not included) ionizes the entire airstream, creating a conical beam of ionized air. The air volume and velocity are adjustable over a wide range for light or heavyduty applications. And operators can increase air velocity by installing thicker shims in the cannon. The cannon can be bench, wall, or machine mounted, and comes with a swivel for directing the airflow.

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