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Scanning for Ideas: Probe detects temperature of corrosive exhaust gases

The EGT Diesel & Biofuel Exhaust Gas temperature sensor from The Sensor Connection, Troy, Mich., features a noncorrosive sensing tip that withstands sulfuric exhaust gases from burning biofuels and diesel fuels. An ungrounded Type K thermocouple measures temperatures from –148 to 2,372°F (–100 to 1,300°C). Errors are ±0.4% of the reading. The probe comes with a 6-ft double-jacketed Teflon cable overbraided in steel for abrasion resistance. This cable can be optionally extended to 12 or 25  ft. The probe measures 0.187 in. in diameter and includes an adjustable stainless-steel compression fitting for mounting it to most diesel-engine exhausts. The sensor sheath can be either straight or have a 90° bend to accommodate tight spaces.

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