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Scanning for Ideas: Rotary servodrive works with linear and rotary actuators

The zero-backlash, cam-actuated Camco RSD servoactuator from DE-STA-CO, Auburn Hills, Mich., can be used for both rotary and linear motion. It works with industrystandard servomotors, accepting a 115-mm bolt circle diameter and 19-mm shaft. It features a 7-in. dial mounting surface and a 3-in. through-hole to accommodate power or signal lines and air or hydraulic hoses. The drive can operate in temperatures up to 140°F. It can handle a maximum torque of 3,540 lb-in. for an 8:1 ratio, and 3,755 lb-in. for a 16:1 ratio. Its maximum overturning moment is 3,180 lb-in. The drive has a mechanical accuracy of ±30 arc-sec and repeatability of ±7 arc-sec.

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