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Scanning for Ideas: Self-compensating miniature shocks

Scanning for Ideas: Self-compensating miniature shocks

The MC 150 to MC 600-V4A Series of shock absorbers from Ace Controls Inc., Farmington Hills, Mich., have outer bodies, hardened piston rods, and all accessories made of V4A stainless steel. This makes them well suited for when cleanliness is paramount or water is prevalent — such as medical technology, food handling, packaging applications, and semiconductor and electronics manufacturing. A PTFE Teflon protective cap hermetically seals the complete damping mechanism against environmental elements.

The wide range of models handles loads from 2 to 10,000 lb and absorbs from 175 to 1,200 in.-lb/cycle. They operate in temperatures from 32 to 150°F and can be mounted in any position.

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