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Scanning for Ideas: Static rod locks, for when it has to stay in place

Scanning for Ideas: Static rod locks, for when it has to stay in place

The RLSS Series of static rod locks from Nexen, Vadnais Heights, Minn., have large clamping surfaces for consistent holding forces ranging from 180 to 5,000 lb. Users can even stack several rod locks together for added gripping power. The units are usually used to supplement the holding power of air cylinders and guide rods in power-off/e-stop situations.

The spring-activated, air-released (60-psi) devices come in ISO and NFPA sizes and all accept standard accessories. The locks work even when power or air pressure is lost, and can always be manually released with a standard wrench.

The locks do not move the rod upon engagement, letting them maintain accurate holding positions. And they can be used on pneumatic cylinders or as stand-alone units on guide rods. The RoHS-compliant sealed locks have brushed aluminum finishes, but they can ordered with a corrosion-resistant, black-anodized coating to give the devices an IP67 rating (which exceeds NEMA-4X), making them suitable for food and wash-down applications.

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