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Scanning for Ideas: A Video and Audio Repeater for Digital Signs

Designers at SVSi, Madison, Ala. (, have made it easier for companies to send audio and video signals to digital signs or HDTVs.

The technology, dubbed Volante, lets a single transmitter deliver sound and sights to an unlimited number of displays over unlimited distances, and the entire delivery system can be housed in a standard desktop PC. Signals travel over standard Cat5e cable.

Receivers (VRR104s) work with any brand of single-link DVI monitors or HDTV, are housed in a commercialduty steel case, have stereo RCA output jacks, and an USB port. It is powered by a 5-Vdc external supply and has LEDs that show the status for power, and LAN and DVI connections. Transmitter cards (VCT103 AVs) install in either a PCI or PCIe slot, have an internal diskdrive- power connector, and accept USB and audio inputs from the PC.

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