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Schroff Updates Equipment Cabinets for Versatility and Convenience

Schroff Updates Equipment Cabinets for Versatility and Convenience

Shroff brand electronics cabinets from Pentair Technical Products, Warwick, R. I. (, handle 19 and 23-in. equipment that supports LAN, WAN, phone services, and a variety of rack-mounted electronics used indoor. They have fully welded 14 and 16-gauge steel frames which are UL 2863 listed to hold 1,000 lb of equipment, and tested to 4,000 lb. Heights range from 23 to 43U and widths include 600, 700, and 800 mm. Depths range from 600 to 1,200 mm. The cabinets feature two sets of adjustable L-shaped rack angles for mounting equipment. The rack angles are heavy-gauge steel coated with a black finish and are infinitely adjustable from front to back.

Cabinets can be equipped with a variety of front doors and back panels, including solid, perforated, louvered, or Plexiglas. Doors can also have a window. And all doors open a full 180° for easy access and can be secured to limit access. Removable solid side panels make it easy to service equipment inside. The panels feature quarter-turn key-locking latches.

The top of the cabinets can accommodate two 6-in. exhaust fans. The top also includes caps and grommets for cables access. The open-to-the-floor base with welded bolt-down brackets in each corner make it easy to secure the cabinet to the floor and to pass cables through the bottom of the enclosure. Cabinets are also available with casters and leveling feet.

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