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Smart features help users do complex math problems

Maple 16, technical computing software for mathematicians, engineers, and scientists, introduces new tools and techniques in its clickable Math collection. This collection includes Drag-to-Solve, Smart Popups, interactive assistants, context-sensitive menus, and tutors that provide a point-and-click interface for solving, visualizing, and exploring mathematical problems. Drag-to- Solve lets users solve equations step by step by dragging individual terms. Smart Popups instantly show mathematical identities, plots, and factorizations for the highlighted expression, helping users choose the next operation to perform. Other improvements include: a smart-plot view that automatically focuses on points of interest; faster performance on both core Maple operations and calculations using multiple cores and multithreading; and over 100 new Math Apps that provide insight into concepts from math, statistics, physics, and finance.

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Simplified, accurate, and fast CAD simulation

KeyCreator Analysis is powered by Sefea, a new technology with unique algorithms that makes analysis easier to prepare and generates accurate results faster. KeyCreator Analysis works inside of KeyCreator direct-modeling software. Sefea technology speeds analysis time for several reasons, including internal processing of analysis equations and the use of a less-dense mesh and lower memory requirements. This smart FEA technology combined with simple tree-driven menus embedded into KeyCreator now makes it possible for users with a basic knowledge of FEA to get complete and accurate results. Users can now use a tool intended to support multiple design iterations and get simulation results in minutes — not hours or days.
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