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Software keeps printed info up to date

Lufthansa Airlines says automated publishing, made possible by PTC Arbortext software, lets it create and publish manuals that go to 4,500 pilots and maintenance staff.

Lufthansa says Arbortext from PTC lets it shorten ground time for its aircraft by keeping some 100,000 pages of flight and maintenance manuals up-to-date and readily available to over 4,000 employees.

The information sometimes amounts to well over 100,000 pages and includes everything necessary to operate, service, and maintain each aircraft. The airline says the publishing software has saved an estimated $1 million in the first year alone over previous print-and-distribute methods.

PTC Arbortext comes from PTC Inc., Needham, Mass., maker of the well-known Pro/E CAD program. The publishing program standardizes ways to assemble information such as maintenance procedures. In the case of Lufthansa, automatic publishing helps implement process improvements so pilots and mechanics focus on the task at hand rather than spend time searching for information.

PTC Inc., (734) 997-0200,

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