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Software Products 4/05/2012

Software predicts failure and fatigue

The 2012 releases of Patran and MSC Fatigue provide engineers with significant modeling productivity, extended nonlinear and failure event simulations, and improved capabilities for predicting product fatigue life. For example, Patran sports a new model browser tree that helps users efficiently navigate through the menus and also access and modify various aspects of their model. In addition to being intuitive and easy to use, the tree is also customizable. The Model Browser Tree is available on Windows and Linux platforms. The software lets users analyze more nonlinear events and also study failure more accurately. Newly supported capabilities include cohesive zone modeling and virtual-crack propagation for failure analysis, enhanced support for contact that include segment-to-segment contact detection, contact table enhancements, and new nonlinear elements.

For MSC Fatigue 2012, several fatigue analysis types have been updated as part of the new solver. MSC Fatigue uses stress or strain results from finite-element (FE) models, variations in loading, and cycling material properties to estimate life-tofailure. Both the traditional Stress-Life (S-N or total life) and Strain-Life (E-N, local strain or Crack Initiation) methods are available. With minimal knowledge of fatigue analysis, users can perform such evaluations directly in their familiar FE modeling environment. The intuitive interface and the speed at which the fatigue analysis is performed lets durability concerns take place earlier in the product development cycle, thus avoiding costs due to redesigns, prototyping, and testing.

MSC Software Corp.
2 MacArthur Place
Santa Ana, CA 92707
(714) 540-8900

SpaceClaim works with nesting program

3D CAD SpaceClaim Engineer can be directly used in SigmaNEST, a program for building nesting systems for plasma, laser, punch, and waterjet machines. This capability provides a seamless transition from 3D CAD to NC programming.

SpaceClaim Corp.
150 Baker Ave.
Concord, MA 01742
(978) 482-2100

Software finds parts by shape

3DPartFinder is a geometry-based search engine that works inside of SolidWorks. It lets users search by shape and then finds and displays similar parts. Besides SolidWorks, the software works with Workgroup PDM and Enterprise PDM, making it easier to find parts and their related information.

249 Saint-Jacques
Suite 300
Montreal, Québec, Canada
(514) 746-2690

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